Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost


(Daedelious) #617

So the GAS and ICE make the same reprocessed item but the ICE is limited? I’m guessing that means it takes far less time to mine than the GAS… gas takes freakin’ forever.

(Daedelious) #618

Um… I’m not sure if it’s posted already but I’m pretty sure there’s a bug with the ‘Automated Frostline Vapor Condensation Rig’ - the 2 structures in the gas room. I’m able to use it beyond my cargo capacity.

I click ‘accept’ in the box that comes up after you click ‘access’ on the right click menu and it keeps adding up. I’m at 55m3 of 50m3 on my venture. I couldn’t warp until I jettisoned the processed product down to 50m3.
I guess it’s helpful when you have a hauler alt and come to collect when you have a huge amount but ye… bug?

(Rexxar Santaro) #619

Similarly to PP:Low, but with sharper glow borders.

(Rexxar Santaro) #620

Well, I think this event is innovative, compared to previous events, if not to take into consideration its grinding level for miserably purpose. It contains a new environment model, like low orbital navigation and mission generator. It’s firstly in eve when the progression counts for small weapons, hacking frigates and etc. Not so bad if you are going to do missions only just because. This model can be nice after some rework.

The problem of this event, as many previous events, is based on its isolation from EVE economy, from EVE ‘ecosystem’. It feels like a simple casual grinding game implemented into EVE game. You can play it by using EVE jump gates or by using other launcher apps outside EVE, which actually grants the same experience.

(Tipa Riot) #621

Actually it is integrated into the ecosystem, the components are still on the market (except the listing bug? of BPCs), you can freely warp in there, and mess with others, you can use all the sandbox tools available to find innovative solutions.

What you describe fits more to the Abyss instances. Still the events are sandbox play, and I sincerely hope there are some people left at CCP who stick to this principle.

I agree with you, that this event is innovative and could have been a success without the balance issues and bugs.

(Anderson Geten) #622

You did not make the serpentis fortizar events did you ?

I had to complete 120 sites. They did not spawn everywhere. They were competitive, first come first serve. They were “can for everybody” so any frigate could warp to you and take the loot. There was only 20 rats you needed to kill but the original 20 (middle wave) were merged with the other ones as you approached the 70km the beacon was from the can.

THAT was a debilitating event.

(Onictus) #623

All you had to do there was keep moving.

Plus those would stack up in quiet systems so there may be 7 of them if you looked.

(Tipa Riot) #625

This was one fun event … as it required some new tactic to be ahead (hint: fleet yourself and tags). Also it was one of the last to be able to fly with something smaller than cruisers.

(Anderson Geten) #627

this was before the mach patch. I was able to one shot frigs with degrouped guns.
spamfest … and then people made the other waves spawn, and it was a mess.

tagging IIRC only last a few minutes

and BTW my point was not the good or bad implementation ; it was the need to grind.

I talked with other people and I had the worse drop rate (can’t remember what item it was)
I think total I did over 500 sites.

(Sharcy) #628

For the next event like this, it would be nice if you could refuse a task like you can with missions; one task per day for free, the second one will cost you 20 points, the third one 40 etc.

(Retainer of Souls) #629

Agree 100%

(Anderson Geten) #630

average loot percentage for 216 BS.

basic 30.0925925925926
standard 7.40740740740741
advanced 0.925925925925926
extended 0.462962962962963
clavicula 17.5925925925926
omnivore 22.2222222222222
polybolos 29.1666666666667

average value of BS loot, assuming craft items bought at sell order Jita and crafted items sold at Jita with 1% tax on the buy order (sobo): 27.5M
average value of BS loot, assumng craft items bought at buy order with 2% broker, crafted items sold with 3% tax on sell order : 51M.
note : if you mine your own minerals with alts while you hunt BS, this reduces the cost of said mineral from “direct from sell order” to “direct to buy order” because the cost of the resource is the price you would have got it you had sold it to direct buy order. This means a shift towards the “long term” orders.

“average” number of BS/h I did(no real data, I just took one sample of 63 BS) : 15 (which incidentally means I spent 14 h on this event just hunting BS)

net worth of killing BS at the market price : between 400 (direct) and 800(long term) M/h

(Axefork) #631

The “Defeat Mordu’s with S weapons” is a troll right? Every aspect of this event is grindy and boring. The restricted camera and bright white atmosphere is awful too. Hammered this event hoping the missions would get better, they do not. This has been no fun at all, you got it so very wrong.

(Gunas Takeva) #632

Yep, I lost 3 Ventures this way. Stopped doing the event at that point. Not even fitting a medium shield extender helps.

(Meditril) #633

You did something wrong then with your ventures… A medium shield extender with kinetic shield deflection amplifier helps a lot. Put an 1 MN afterburner in addition to speed tank. With this you can tank the rats for a while. But before entering I still recommend to first come with a fighting ship and clean the field before then speed tanking the slowly re-spawning ones with your venture.
As already mentioned, this event is not straight forward, you have to use some tricks and this is good so.

(Sade Musana) #634

C’mon, look at your fitting. No rigs, no extenders, no resistances for the mobs, better blame the event >.<

(Meditril) #635

I was also thinking the first time CCP is crazy about the “Defeat Mordu’s with S weapons”. But the solution is simple, first identify a distant BS with not so much frig and cruiser support, then first kill all the frigs and cruisers with your favourite BC/BS. Then take a T2 Frigate or T3 Dessy and kill the BS… task is solved. I even managed to kill it with a lone Wolf, which is really not the best ship for this job due to the kinetic hole. Take an Enyo and you should be on the safe side.

(Axefork) #636

Yeah that’s what I’ve done, but it just adds another layer of tedium to an already un-enjoyable event (just my opinion).

(Gunas Takeva) #637

I have no problem with the mobs…I’m losing the ship WARPING TO THE SITE FROM THE DAMN BEACON.

(Meditril) #638

I completely disagree, if I just want to do dumb stuff then just take one of the standard missions and you are done. These events are about additional challenges. If you are just playing this game for ISK/h then stay with what you are always doing. These events are about fun with new challenges and they are fun if you just do it for the challenge and not for ISK/h.

However the biggest challenge in this event is in my opinion the “whiteness”. With DX9 and medium graphics everything is just plain white in the West Gate. CCP, please really next time also try out the graphics on low-end machines to make sure it is still playable.