Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost


(Iwo Sh'ivah) #596

I’ve acquired few booster BPC’s and thought I could try and build those before I thrash them but I need mats and they’re not on my local market - thus mining. As I keep as far from mining as I can I could use some hints though. Having an alt with some mining skills (Procurer/Retriever with miner II will be my max) shall I do it and how? What do I mine there? I can provide backup so rats shouldn’t be a problem.

(Anderson Geten) #597

you try to find an orca pilot to boost you and your alts. This guys can provide +67% yield, that is at the prices of yesterday +50M/h worth of ore.
You bring a proc/skiff, or in .8 and higher a retriever/mack, and you just help him by putting 2 combat drones on gard on the orca.
you just need two hardeners to be safe in a proc/skiff

Then you also need to find a reprocess station with correct ratio and taxes. if there is a structure with rigs then you can go easily base 54% in HS, if there is a station then 50% . You try to get someone with highest possible reprocessing skills, as this will increase your yield, and only make this someone will reprocess.
If you do things badly, you will get 30% reprocess and no bonus from reprocessing skills. if you do it good, you will get 75% reprocess, so 2.5 times more.

so without a booster and bad reprocess choicemeans you could go 2.5*1.67 = 4 times less isk/h ( = mineral/h ) than thinking about it.

(Alderson Point) #598

I am afraid, that it order to prevent players speed running through the event they have introduced a new mechanic.

Unfortunately the new mechanic is to make the event annoying, frustrating, and mind numbingly slow and repetitive. (We won’t mention the usual issues)

It has prevented speed running so some manager will probably get his Xmas bonus. Unfortunately the ultimate consumers have given up and probably are looking for a new game to play.

(Vulvona Ride-in) #599

to be honest, it seems that all recently new PVP added content is not very popular:

  • ressource war? i see no one running those site
  • NPC mining operation, is there anyone still farming those?
  • Foward Base operation. Who clears them from their system? Ive never seen a fleet dealing with them.

Their “festive” event are more than welcome but… wow, i feel they are often wrongly designed. I dont want to mine if im a pvp oriented player!

I want to experience the new content; i dont want to wait 2h each day to experience it.

And for the God Sake, could CCP give more information about their event so i dont loose 3 ships trying to figure out whats going on…

Im open for a position as “Special event Design Lead” if CCP needs help, because i feel i m better at listening the player community then their actual dev team!

100 000 USD / year CCP. Think about it!

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #600

I new it’s not gonna be o money maker but that looks rough. Thanks for the info though.

Took a procurer that I had collecting dust and it turns out mining has caught some traction. Two Orcas and more people mining than hunting for BS’s.

(Anderson Geten) #601

because it scales pretty well with accounts.
I can do like … 100 M/h chasing BS ? and I can do like … 400M/h with two alts, mining and selling to buy orders. so mining is worth more than killing BS. AND scales more. and requires less investment.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #602

62,9 reprocessing on NPC station. Worth going to Athanor next door?

(Anderson Geten) #603

I think it’s +8% reprocess on rigged (+2% on unrigged). The matter is that the ore takes a lot of weight, not sure is worth the increase in time (unless you have a freigther)

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #604

Only Orca.

(Anderson Geten) #605

Then do the math. I mean, how long does it take to move, how much more money you make by going to the athanor, how much less you make by not giving boosts/mining.
If you had a freighter, you would drop the ore in a local structure, then come in a freighter and move it to the best refining station.

(Sylvia Kildare) #606

I’m max skilled in hacking and gas huffing… and good enough (exhumers 4 on all 3) in ore mining… so I’m trying all 4 but as I just started doing the event seriously last night I still haven’t tried the hacking yet or the combat on my own. Probably gonna go with triple Asteros for the former unless the DPS is too high (then… Strats? RR Ishtars? we’ll see) and triple Tengus for the latter.

Anywho, I’m not having a particular problem with any combat tasks, but the little combat I tried already was with some fleetmates Monday night in a WH and a HS island (fun night!), and I got 39 points on all 3 toons via Cerb with HMLs. All my toons have partial progress on the kill ML rats with M weapons task and that is the only combat task right now except the kill ML rats with mining ships ones (which I have twice on each toon and am in the process of finishing x2 x3 while mining in Skiffs) (make that which I’ve completed twice and now I’ve got the refine gas/refine ore-ice in a station task pair, excellent!).

I’m assuming that once I hop in my Tengus out here in HS and get the M weapons task done, I’ll be given the S weapons task. Was thinking of knocking that one out with 3 RLML Gilas (provided the RLMLs count as a small weapon).

I think you’re mostly right about that, though there are a few fans of the FOBs, I think.

Resource Wars would be pretty fun it didn’t pay like 1, 5, 10, 15 mil ISK a long-ass site and have LP that can only be used for those crates with t1 ships and limited-to-a-single-hull-till-it-dies “volatile” skins.

You left the Abyss off your list. I think it’s probably been the most popular original addition to EVE PVE-wise since burners, team burners, and base burners.

(Sade Musana) #607

Use the Condensing and Vapor Rigs on site for reprocessing the Ore and Gas. As far as I could work out, you got a better return than using stations. 160 Ore = 2 Chromodynamics + 15 Vapor = 1 Chromodynamics. No reprocessing skills needed.

(Sade Musana) #608

You can search for them, use the filters, not the text box.

1 - empty text box
2 - select region
3 - want to sell/auction, you decide
4 - blueprint copy - in the drop down menu
5 - booster blueprints - in the drop down menu
6 - set to public

Happy BPC hunting o/

(Roan Pico) #609

Friday night, less than 30k people online; yet another shitty grinding event.

(Sade Musana) #610

Pretty impressive, more online at this time than any other Friday night in the last month ^.^

(Daedelious) #611

What’s the respawn rate for the ICE?

(Fluffy Moe) #612

I think this event holds record for Eve events it is an absolute clear winner, or at least very close to it, in the category of most quit, abandoned, not completed, inaccessible, ignored events CCP ever put out.

(Anderson Geten) #613

I Actually think there is a lot of work to make it both challenging, interesting to play with several people, nice graphics, various objectives.

I still think that the gas is badly parametrized, also the advanced bpcs should require gas-specific items(from west) as well as data-site specific items (from east) in order to make both rooms interesting.

(Sade Musana) #614

I agree, I have done the last 3 events and this one is by far the best design. Would like to see more of this style in the future, where rooms are divided into specific gameplay style per character.

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #615

Maybe you forgot what skins uses to be like. Ahhh the good old days, where a skinned ship could cost hundreds of millions if not a bil for some.