Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost


(Circumstantial Evidence) #676

Your character is older than me, by 5 months :wink:

(Autum Knight) #677

this is obviously an alt :smile: my main character was created May 2007 just after beta… i have felt the need on 3 occasions to bitch out in the forum…
However, this level of ignorance has never happened before… and frankly its a shame that within months of the news of a change of ownership of the game the 2 way communication ends…
Players can troll my posts if they like… that’s free speech in action, but if CCP refuse to communicate with us they will eventually Kill the game as the game is nothing without a community… and lets face it trolls get their kicks from upsetting others… does CCP honestly think that when the only players left are spiteful nasty trolls and botters that the game wont just collapse? its a suicidal business plan or a directed attempt to end the game

(Circumstantial Evidence) #678

EVE isn’t going to shut down over an optional game activity. This is a limited-time event, the content and any perceived or actual bugs, disappears entirely in ~10 days.

Also keep in mind things like holiday vacations - CCP offices have probably been at very low staff in the last week before the holiday, and probably won’t be back to full activity until the new year.

(Autum Knight) #679

No man as earlier stated, this stopped being about a bad event, it is about ignorance towards a paying community and otherwise loyal paying customers in both petitions and in the forums alike…

and why do you feel need to make excuses for seriously unacceptable customer service… i cant think of any other service provider that i would tolerate it from… however no other service provider i use offer an exclusive service… no one else can supply me with this game… my phone company is no different than any other as is gas electricity, water etc etc and each of those provide a service beyond the base product… so why NOT CCP?

As for low staff i got a go away reply to pet from GM Arcade and GM Falcon is on line now posting fluff posts in other threads… the very 2 people best suited to answering this thread or answering customer petitions… so that argument hold no weight

(Lil' Brudder Too) #680

This doesn’t seem quite right…i was taking 115 dmg with 90% resist…so by your math i should have only been taking 12 dmg…unless they had 10 launchers per cruiser? (though thats not uncommon)

(Circumstantial Evidence) #681

Interesting approach. Many functional-product utilities are monopolies, and have bad reputations for customer service. Entertainment products generally are ‘optional’ when compared to needs for water, power, or telephone/internet access - and have widely varying reputations for customer service.

They aren’t the people responsible for this game feature, those people could be on vacation. CCP Falcon could be posting Christmas cheer on his own time. The GM told you to post feedback here, which you have done. Previous CCP replies in this thread say that they are reading feedback. It’s also the official pinned thread. You can’t do any better than you have already. Nothing you can do but wait, or move on to something else (recommended approach.)

(Autum Knight) #682

and yet the base product is the same and can be purchased from many other providers where you can choose based on customer service, price, quality and so on… again your argument holds no weight

Still excusing terrible service and badly planned staffing needs… miss management should not be considered a good excuse for anything!!
as for moving on to something else … fine ok while im excluded from event material on 4 of the 5 paid for accounts due to elitist tasks and the encouragement and requirement for ganking excludes the last… ill go pay for other entertainment while my payments to CCP have been made… and Arcade wont do his job while the threads producer Falcon ignores us. Maybe if i’m not welcome to an event advertised as ‘for all players alpha and omega alike’ when the full challenge cannot be completed by most, i should be refunded my payments until i am welcome to participate in every activity i have paid for the right to access or they have the staff to provide full customer service!..

(Ashterothi) #683

That is like arguing that all major telecommunications is actually owned by the FBI because they can listen in.

(CCP Falcon) #684

Knock it off with discussing moderation, it’s against the rules.

Also knock it off with making attacks on members of staff and other forum users.

This is the only warning I’ll give.

(Anderson Geten) #685


They deal 120*5.5 per salvo.
so 660 thermal damage.
this means 66 damage with 90% resist.

5.5 is the multiplier of the rat. It represents number of launcherfit multskill mult.

eg if you have 4 launchers and a bonus of 37.5% dps from modules(BCU) then you have effective 5.5 launchers.

also if you want to get your resists, don’t use the fitting values but the show info on the simulated hull.

(Autum Knight) #686

Do what you must formal complaint has been made of how you are abusing authority and using non CCP alts to attack players who are making constructive posts and Anderson Geten is clearly you and I’m sure that’s not the only one you use!

SUPPORT REQUEST #834937 formal grievance has been submitted…

(Vollhov Jr) #687

It’s not like what …
We Capsuleers are the number one threat to mortality. We are doomsday weapons and we are under such control.

Just now in the current boring LORE you are trying to powder brains.

You are logged in - CONCORD is already watching you (this is why you see it in the local player chat).
You docked to the station - CONCORD is already watching you.
You made a deal on the market - you have already watched CONCORD.
Every step you take veksiruet CONCORD.

It’s all spelled out in the old LORE. Just now is the rewriting of this LORE.

P.s I advise you to read about the Directives of CONCORD (which you are unlikely to find right now)
One of them: Concord directive omega-one-five

(Anderson Geten) #688

bye bye, you were fun while you lasted :slight_smile: .

(Jahio Deudigren) #689

After finishing 900 points and getting all rewards, I felt urge to share my viewpoint on this event and this seems like the right place to do so. So here it goes.

TL;DL - this is THE WORST EVENT IN EVE (so far - 23.12.2018)

here is why:
1, acquiring event points takes forever (it took me 24 hours of game play time in last 3 days with virtually 0 fun or profit) because:

1,1, In destroy missions, changing weapon / ship type after each objective is lengthy and not rewarding for the time it takes. Also if you don’t have certain weapon type trained, you find yourself stuck. See point 3,.

1,2, In mining missions, mixing ore and gas mining is problem because people get stuck on gas mining, see point 3,. Also mixing in killing rats is also problem because gas mining ships don’t have way to deal with rats so you have to reship (to procurer in my case) to kill rats and then reship back to gas mining. Also, in relation to mining and rats, see point 4,.

1,3, In exploration objectives, hacking cans takes insanely long because clusters of them are too close to warp between and too far to MWD between them. So you basically have to wait until they respawn, which takes quite long.

2, You get practically no rewards for acquiring event points - only 3 SKINs and 3 run BPC for somewhat useless new ballistic control system.

3, You can’t reset objectives to get already completed missions for easier event points (for example after DT as it was the case in previous events)

4, Strong cruiser rats. Frigates and battleships are OK, but 600 thermal dps cruiser is way too much. Even with 80% thermal ressist, when i was mining and 2 of these cruisers spawned, I had to run with procurer, reship to combat ship, clear mining (west) site, reship to proc and continue mining (and hope for no further double spawns). In combat (north) sites, they were clustered in groups of 5 and after 3 got in range to hit me, i had to run with gila specifically fit for this event.

5, You get no relevant loot for doing event points - data cans didn’t drop attribute boosters. Only SKINs and combat boosters. Frigates and cruisers, which you kill while mining, don’t drop anything event related. Rewards for event points are just 3 SKINs and 1 ballistic control BPC. If you really wanted some relevant loot (attribute booster BPCs), you have to go kill battleships in combat (north) site. For that, you need specialized ship in which you don’t get any event points for progression.

6, There are 3 objectives (examine east / north / west part of ice giant), which I have no idea how to complete, even after I did all of previously mentioned objectives. Maybe it’s just me but CCP should take this as relevant constructive feedback - 1 description, as in other objectives, would be nice to see, how to finish these 3.

1, ??? we’ve got new set of cerebral accelerators for a while

(Lil' Brudder Too) #690

Okay…so clicking on ‘info’ on the ship with active module…its 89.6% and not 90%…my bad. But that still doesn’t make up the difference in my seeing 115 dmg per cruiser volley…not the 66 dmg you claim it should be?

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #691

You have to “Look At” the gates :slight_smile:

(Sade Musana) #692

Pesky Devs using big fancy words like examine, pfft.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #693

This is not a problem or rather a problem that you chose not to solve for yourself and now blame event/devs for it.

Solution is simple: one bookmark that is 160+ km away from every group of hacking nodes, for example, above the room.

(Ezra Endashi) #694

This is very temporary solution cus sites are shifting every few hours. At least that’s the case in Black Rise system of Rohama. I bookmark something, come back few hours later and complete Ice Dwarf site shifted away. So I found bookmarks useful only for few hours of continuous play.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #695

every DT, not hard to fly straight up (especially if you are MWD) on your first warp-in to make like much easier for whole day.