Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost


(Commander A9) #696

The good thing is this event is challenging, fun, and it allows me to adapt new skills, like Gas Harvesting…which I’ve been meaning to train for 9 years, and maximized over this event. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, the fact that these beacons didn’t disappear like previous events makes for very convenient access. The event is challenging enough that communities were brought together to process and survive them.

The problems I have with this event, however:
-camera has lost significant functionality, which makes processing the Northern room especially difficult
-the ‘whiteout’ flash upon entry and leaving sites, and the ‘bright white’ nature of rooms in general, is causing me and other players physical real-world headaches
-no one told my colleague, or me, about the ‘border’ surrounding the rooms…so I was a bit surprised when my colleague suddenly exploded when he flew a great distance away from me
-event appears in training systems, which is likely very disheartening to new players who find their early experiences in EVE resulting in abrupt destruction
-compared to Crimson Harvest 2018, the “top” rewards do not appear often enough…(i.e., only in Battleships, which are few in number, and even then, under chance)
-Hacking is absurdly difficult…and not very rewarding for such efforts. There is no reason why any of the nodes should be empty.
-This event was dropped into Singularity for testing and launched only 24 hours later-that’s not enough time to garner and implement feedback addressing things that need to be changed.

(Sade Musana) #697

Question on this.

In the West room, guys from the exploration room come looking for the Transports, these are spawned/triggered by miners shooting a new rock. Like older events, hacking cans often spawned the Battleships, I wonder if this is also the case here, albeit it appears in a different room.

(Commander A9) #698

I am seeing a bug I think is related to this.

Sometimes in local chat, I see the word “trigger.” I haven’t taken the time to see if something occurs when this happens however…

(Sade Musana) #699

It 100% can happen when you trigger the transports in the West room. Sometimes the spam can go on for hours, sometimes no spam.
If anyone gets this trigger chat bug when you hack, then something is being triggered somewhere, my guess, the Battleship.

(Anderson Geten) #700

That happens a lot when you say that HS suicide gankers are not pvpers.

(Commander A9) #701

I think that works.

I hacked 4 nodes. When I checked the North room, 4 Centurion Battleships were in the area.

(Blade Darth) #702

My only 2 gripes with this event are:

  • Tasks don’t have a time limit like in previous events (after some time you would get a new one). So my main is stuck with hacking/ mining and can do neither of those.
  • The white background/ whiteout. Can’t see text in windows, if modules are on, and in general hurts eyes.

I’m doing it in an umm… “eve retirement” area of space so having the site pretty much for myself, would suck changing ships and having more than 2 people in it though- there is not enough cans/ battleship spawns. More than one site per constellation in HS would be a good idea, lots of people complain they doing the event for hours and got 10 mil in skins (or nothing)…

(Gnat Mikakka) #703

Taking damage when warping into the site. Happens when using the warp gate and warping to fleet member. Enough damage taken to destroy small ships.

(Sade Musana) #704

If you keep trying this, let us know the results.

(Mad Yojik) #705

The event itself is good, at least i had some real fun popping the event BSs before the other players even get in range (HAC sniper fits with 100+ km range and MWD rock in this event) =D. Popping BSs with small guns and fighting NPCs in a hacking frig is also fun enough.

The lack of info, both on the locations and on objectives - definitely is bad. No possible info on both where to find this “ice dwarf” (really - needs to be fixed), on what mean obective “examine X gate”…

(Ashterothi) #707

Nothing you said is explicitly wrong. That doesn’t mean CONCORD owns the Agency, nor does it mean that CONCORD has authority over it. It was sold from the SCOPE to some merc companies.

So could CONCORD use our comms to track us? Of course. How do you think Agent trackers do it.

But can they force the Agency to expose their contractors? Not without a further expansion of powers.

CONCORD is near omnipotent when it comes to us, but have almost no authority over baseliners. They function as a militarized UN counsel, and at the moment they are trying to figure out what is going on with all these new threats.

I am shocked that we haven’t heard a statement from Yani or Upwell condemning these actions and demanding CONCORD or other intervention. I suspect that whatever mysterious benifcactor is involved has a lot of money and power. My two guesses are Serpati or the Quartermaster. Both of whome have proven their ability to get around CONCORD, and the later of which has already used the Agency in the past.

(K'uata Sayus) #708

Great event!

I made over 400m in loot and salvage in two level 4 hi-sec DED sites in about 80 minutes. Appreciate all you players doing the event instead of normal activity. Obviously, this is not normal, but effectively completing Permafrost would entail me buying new ships and training new skills, and many, many hours of grinding away.

I completed over 3200 points in Crimson Harvest (1000 was max to get all rewards) and made a bunch of cerebral accelerators and whole bunch of Isk. I could do the whole event with the ships and skills I already had on hand.

Seems the transition to new ownership is taxing the depleted resources of CCP, and players that have legitimate gripes with customer service are being ignored or threatened with retaliation unless “negative vibes” cease. Having been a player since 2007, there has never been copious response from CCP about anything on the forums, so their indifference is nothing new.

At times I truly wondered if the devs even played EVE, given some of the jaw-dropping blunders that made it into the game. Remember when the weapon icons on the UI were changed to reflect the actual look of the mounted systems? When reduced to icon size they looked like lumps of brown dung. How could that get out of development has always baffled me.

I do admit Permafrost has put forth a lot of out of the box thinking, and the creativity is admirable. Too bad it was rushed to release, I think everyone can agree with that…

TL:DR Merry Christmas everyone, and here’s to blinding white screens!

(TaVinci Ghasha) #709

Absolutely false. EVE supports many play styles - and should. If you like PVP - go PVP - leave the miners and industrialists alone unless they edge you. Otherwise it is YOU that are playing the wrong game - and being rather scummy while doing it.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #710

As a miner/industrialist, no, we should under no circumstances be “just left alone” this is a pvp game, and it revolves around destruction, ALL destruction. There are many many other games that allow you to mine, build and craft in peace. But eve relies on risk in order to keep operating, if everyone could just go out and mine in complete safety, then everyone would do it and the market would be even more flooded with minerals than it is now, making mining worthless.

Industry is the lifeblood of eve, without it no ships get built etc etc. but PVP is its beating heart, without the heart the blood just sits there useless. Once you embrace that fact you will enjoy the game much more.

(Jacus Noir) #711

You have CCP’s responses partially correct. Part of the issue in regards to development has been content. After about the 2012/2013 releases they seemed to hit a wall in terms of features to add, a wall of not being able to conceive of new features. Alas they turned to the player base for ideas. Honestly, there is a balance in game development you have to maintain, you want to develop the game in a healthy direction but must also appeal to new players who slowly take over the playerbase, thus you want to include their ideas as well.

Where they messed up was giving full creativity to the players. I mean since when has people ever known what the hell they truly wanted? This was done via the CSM which for its intent and purpose is supposed to represent the playerbase at large but unfortunately isn’t diverse enough to warrant inclusion of a wide variety of players. I think CCP realized this a bit too late and started to develop more toward their own wishes, by this point it becomes a bit of trial and error, add something and see how people react…honestly it’s a bit of a shame.

(DrysonBennington) #712

Very good event for those who can do more than blob to a freighter and gank it.

Well done CCP.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #713


As for me, you can enjoy the game however you like. That’s what it is for.

Edit: Can I mine event ore with T2 strip miners? What crystal should I use?

(Anderson Geten) #714

I tried with several crystals and could not find one adapted.
did not try ice laser nor moon ore crystals.

So far T1 is best.

Also omni harvester gives as much yield as T2 harvester, requires less CPU.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #715

Ended up dropping some SP into veldspar and it seems to be the right choice. Works and mines some more. Not a huge difference but 1,2m3 is 1,2 m3.

(Anderson Geten) #716

what ? I tried the modulated strip miner with veldspar crystal and had the exact same amount of ore mined than another cristal.