Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost


(Masuhari Yakimoto) #720

Has anyone managed to “Destroy a Frostline Transporter”? Or seen a Frostline Transporter anywhere?

(Daedelious) #721

They spawn when there’s ICE i think… I’ve never seen one once the ICE is gone.

(Masuhari Yakimoto) #722

Ah okay in the West Gates then. Thanks!

(Annisir Kaugan) #723

There is a task to hack 20 nodes, which summons a transport, but in the West gate area. Check there now and again or do the mining missions. They seem to have pretty low hp and I popped one with a couple of hornets.

(Masuhari Yakimoto) #724

Okay great to know, thank you/

(HunterK en Daire) #725

you get hit by the cloud randomly. warping from gate makes no difference.

(Gaius Mileghere) #726

this is warp-in damage. As you cross the Ice Dwarf pocket threshold.

(Sylvia Kildare) #727

They’ve been doing the events for over 3 years now. Multiple per year since the first Blood Raider Halloween event in October 2015. Now at 4 Blood Raiders events and countless others (Serpentis, Angel, Guristas, Drones, Drifters, Sleepers, Abyssal, Min vs. Amarr, Purity vs. Amarr)… everything but Sansha, basically (since they have constant incursions, I guess they don’t get events).

So anyway, they’ve been at this PVE (with a sprinkling of PVP most times) event game for awhile. But I believe they changed up their event team a year or so ago, they had an interview with an event team member who did not play EVE before CCP hired him.

(Lord Rolfski) #728

This must be by far the worst and most frustrating event they’ve ever come up with, especially if you’re an alpha:

  • Can’t finish the event with PVE: At some point you don’t get points for it anymore. Instead you’re forced into PVP (kill another player while in a miner), which is just stupid.
  • Can’t finish it with mining: Your Venture will just explode for no reason because of some “Invisible Cloud”. How stupid is that?
  • Can’t finish it with hacking: These data sites are so ridiculous difficult to hack with alpha skills that this route becomes just an impossible grind.

It really makes me wonder if CCP has even thought this trough properly, when designing this event.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #729

Did it on an alpha with a venture and never had a problem with “cloud” other than it occasionally dealing damage on warp-in, unusual at first and “a nice way to screen players that don’t want to tank their ships properly” attitude later. I did lose a couple of frigates to this cloud due to my greed (warping to faraway player wrecks…), but not because my ships were poorly tanked.

Complaining is easy, but coming up with solutions for whatever challenges arise is what makes this event more interesting (for me). I have done all kinds of tasks for points: mined ore/huffed gas in a venture - easiest and most relaxing part of event and easy pile of points once CCP has fixed objectives.

Killed Battleships with Heron - took about 5 min with my skills but its doable. I think it is doable in almost any combat ship eve has to offer. Had my BS wrecks ninja looted by someone else, replied in kind - went suspect quite a few times during this event for looting other player’s and battleship wrecks, nothing out of ordinary here.

Hacked in a Heron that is fit a little bit differently, learned a lot about hacking and how that minigame works. With event module hacking is so much easier in Magnate/Heron compared to, for example, Merlin with t1 analyzer (done that) and you will get that module had you chosen to be productive instead of complaining.

Got enough isk for daily alpha injectors in the first couple of days, skilled for VNI and some (meta) fit for it - battleships became much easier to deal with. Same VNI i can and will use for combat anomalies and complexes after event - already tested it in a 4/10.

The only things to complain about are some poorly worded objectives: “examine” gates being most notorious, because every other task in eve that asks you to examine something usually involves flying close to or checking whats behind the gate. Objectives that require players to sell their event modules on the market should not exist, objectives that say “in a mining vessel, defeat a player” should clarify that it can be completed by killing NPCs as well. Objective that says “spawn and kill Transport by hacking nodes” is plainly wrong/lying or doesnt work as intended.

And lastly The Agency should have explained better how to get to the event in a clear (or even some) way - as it is it tells players nothing about the event, where it is and how to locate it.

Overall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgvM7av1o1Q

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #730

I like the approach. Myself I haven’t explored the event so deeply (lack of time) but It certainly made me jump into mining giving me some new goals to achive. I think that’s a sandbox kind of event and imo it kind of fits to a sandbox game. Doesn’t it?

I think its a kind of a riddle task. Also:

Examine - “to look at or consider a person or thing carefully and in detail in order to discover something about them”

(Retainer of Souls) #731

So I warped from the Ice Dwarf gate to the mining field and lost my huffing Venture to atmospheric damage. Alt warped venture from gate to ore field - lost to atmospheric damage.

Went in a tanked Gnosis to recover dropped Gas Cloud Harvesters, and was soon into armour.

Come on CCP, this sucks

(replacement Venture hit half armour on warp in…)

(Selena Stack) #732

Overall I liked the event. Definitely more grind than usual. Perhaps giving the players the option to choose a focus through the event, i.e. combat, mining or hacking, would make it more enjoyable for people. Nothing worse than having 4 simultaneous gas harvesting objectives when you don’t like to gas harvest.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #733

Bye! Enjoy your ban.

(Foggy Bernstein) #734

I bet you were typing that with one hand while the other was down your pants. You seem like the type that gets off on being a total dick.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #735

You have the hots for me, don’t you?.

(Sugar Smacks) #736

The only way to feel like you have successfully completed the event is to move from first doing pve then moving to mining ore then to gas harvesting and eventually back to mining ore again.

No matter what other missions you acquired they certainly are going to take much longer than just following the path. I don’t remember having any pve mission that gave more than 30 points but I can remember getting 3 missions of mining at a time or gas at a time that gave 50 points each. It is just way easier to do what you don’t like doing in order to complete it. How anyone can look at the points rewarded for hacking anything and say that’s appropriate.

(Annisir Kaugan) #737

There are some big point missions. Hack 55 nodes, one of the kill missions gave me 60 points. I did a mix of all 3 areas. Biggest mining hit was about 30 points for 3 concurrent process 800 units of gas. Yield seemed low compared to Crimson Harvest. It’s my worst skill area and I’m not fond of it. Most lucrative for me were the hacking and farming the battleships. It ran pretty slow until I hit 500 points or so, then the point rewards went up. Noticed that there are various chains for all 3 areas that gave reward crates for completion; even after I had finished the event I killed 2 BS and finished a mission, gaining a 3 run bpc of the BCS.

(Furoth) #738

Worst event ever.

People blowing up just entering the site.
NPC’s far out of depth for the site. Mining is more PVE than mining and the NPC’s are very tough.
No battleships to harvest blueprints and skins from. Takes far too long for another to respawn.
Horribly washed out graphics and messed up camera.
Sites are limited to 1 system per constellation.

Not to mention all the non functional content on the first day with no resources to mine or cans to hack. You really rushed this event out and bungled it pretty badly. BUT, you got an event out all the same and I don’t think there are many who don’t actually appreciate it. Give yourselves an extra month to get it all down right before releasing it next time.

The new things you’re doing with the events are really good ideas and I like the way things are changing. If only they worked as intended. I like seeing people grouped up. I like doing more than pushing F1. It gives people options to get through the events and does not limit them to one role only. Or all roles as seems the case with this event. Also consider making it easier on the small guys with content that they can contend with. There is no reason they should not join. If rewards have to be rarer for the easier content then that doesn’t seem totally out of synch. There could be ranked content. Like combat sites with frigs, cruisers and one with battleships. All give drops but the most drops from the high end site. Same for hacking, different types of cans can have different difficulties.

(The Larold) #739

I agree with this sentiment. I believe they tried a lot of new things in the spirit of improvement and expansion. In this particular case, unfortunately, it would seem a non-trivial number of things missed the mark or did not have the intended results.

After the event has concluded, I’m going to write up a constructive feedback post and find a spot to place it.