Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost


(Jian Mira) #740

tried it once and then forgot about it…

(Commander A9) #741

For as difficult as Hacking is, every node should have a reward inside of it.

And for as many targets as we’re killing in the course of this…these things should have bounties. I’m actually losing money by playing this event…

And damnit if the rooms aren’t causing framerate issues from all the cans and wrecks left behind by players who aren’t bothering to loot-and-salvage, or can’t because of the continuous respawns…

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #742

But if you put a bounty of these - room will be filled with bots and/or afk vessels. Why encourage such behavior? Plus, even if temporary, Eve doesn’t really need another isk faucet.

This i somewhat agree with.

(Sugar Smacks) #743

The point I was making is even 60 points for 55 nodes is incredibly low in my opinion. 55 nodes is an eternity of hacking and 60 points? Yea that would normally be ok but you will never get more than 1 mission at a time for hacking nodes so you cant really capitalize on the work.

(Anderson Geten) #744

Assuming the respawn time is 5 min for the cans
I was doing 10 cans before they respawn
That means, 2 cans/minute average. or 55 cans in 0:27:30
I really did 30+60 = 90 cans in less than an hour (had 2 missions in a row) , with someone staying at a can so I could do only 9 cans per 5 mins (and I was trying to open his and bump him so I lost time). that means 1.5 can/minute. and also 10 cycles in 1h, ie 9 respawn, so respawn is definitely below 7min.

(Sugar Smacks) #745

I have trouble believing the average person could get anywhere near 2 cans/minute.

(Anderson Geten) #746

source ?

(Annisir Kaugan) #747

I made a point of abandoning all my nearby wrecks, and using an mtu. Had to set another overview tab without wrecks to see what was happening. Didn’t time myself but I can hack a can in under 15 seconds. I didn’t have an issue with sites being too crowded, or getting loot stolen. Probably to do with my chosen system and times. Money wise it wasn’t great, picked up a lot of loot, several bill in skins, new modules and accelerators. All of which has been hugely devalued by the markets being flooded. Would have been better with bounty payments for the rats and maybe Mordu faction loot and ship bpcs as a rare drop on the loot tables.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #748

CCP did something to the gas cloud in the west room (haven’t been there for a few days) and now no settings can help against blinding light anymore =/ Its almost like: “our designers spent alot (some) time making it pretty so lets not allow players to disable it”…

(Sharcy) #749

Soooo… After 2 weeks into the event I find out you can warp directly to fleet members, without having to go through the gate. I feel stupid now.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #750

You actually can warp however you wish provided you have bookmarks. You can warp from pocket to pocket or to bookmarks within pockets. Also fitting a MJD is very usefull, especially in North pocket where BS’s usually land around 100km from something you can warp to.

(Anderson Geten) #751

if you are not on a marauder, the mjd is not that great. it’s good to GTFO though :smiley:

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #752

and into the boundary cloud

(Anderson Geten) #753

never happened yet. Does it hurt ?

(Orbit Arbosa) #754

Some newbro ranting in local. Ask him? I usually take 450 and 450 environmental damage when it happens.

[02:05:01]Xxxxx Xxxxx > Dafuq is this ■■■■? Orbitting one of the structures at 100km maybe
[02:06:39] Orbit Arbosa > Invisible cloud kill . lots klilled by it see https://zkillboard.com/ship/2894/
[02:07:44]Xxxxx Xxxxx > Dafuq, man
[02:07:51]Xxxxx Xxxxx > 2nd Venture lost today on this ■■■■
[02:09:39] Orbit Arbosa > I would say you tank is not good enough … but … lookit this tanked venture https://zkillboard.com/kill/74296704/
[02:10:42]Xxxxx Xxxxx > Thanks…
[02:11:46]Xxxxx Xxxxx > Well this is just dandy
[02:15:23]Xxxxx Xxxxx > It’s some kind of dead area up there
[02:15:24]Xxxxx Xxxxx > wtf
[02:16:08]Xxxxx Xxxxx > Yeah, ■■■■ this, I’m out
[02:16:12]Xxxxx Xxxxx > Rage quitting, for real
[02:16:25]Xxxxx Xxxxx > “Insisible” reason wtf
[02:16:44]Xxxxx Xxxxx > Throw in another RND PvE death reason, eh? Sure, why not

(Uriel the Flame) #755

With some data mining I’ve found the in-game render:

(Sugar Smacks) #756

1.5 bil proteus lost to invisible cloud only, yea I can see why some people get angry.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #757

Align time pretty much kills the whole advantage on a marauder. BC’s on the other hand proved to be really good with that. I left a lot of sad faces behind with this tactic.

Sitting high at the top of the field I’ve never touched the cloud but warping in and out using bookmarks caused between 0 - 2500 damage (2500 was the highest and combined).

(Anderson Geten) #758

ok, you mjded on two BS, you kill them and then ? you have to wait 2min to mjd again.
that’s where marauders are good.

Also, you need ±15 s to mjd exactly 100km. An enyo goes 4000 m/s - and it warps faster, aligns faster, really it’s a marvelous little beast.
And being speed fit means you take even less amage from the ther/kine missiles.So unless you decide to stay still,

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #759

Apart from Ventures mining in west pocket I’ve never seen/competed anyone doing this event in a frigate. Gilas, Tengus, Domis, Cerbs etc. I’ve planned on using one myself but I usually do some explo meanwhile and just never got to it.

Then I warp to a bm, a wreck or use MWD instead (MJD/MWD fit). Not saying it’s best, it’s just an option.