Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost


(Iwo Sh'ivah) #757

Align time pretty much kills the whole advantage on a marauder. BC’s on the other hand proved to be really good with that. I left a lot of sad faces behind with this tactic.

Sitting high at the top of the field I’ve never touched the cloud but warping in and out using bookmarks caused between 0 - 2500 damage (2500 was the highest and combined).

(Anderson Geten) #758

ok, you mjded on two BS, you kill them and then ? you have to wait 2min to mjd again.
that’s where marauders are good.

Also, you need ±15 s to mjd exactly 100km. An enyo goes 4000 m/s - and it warps faster, aligns faster, really it’s a marvelous little beast.
And being speed fit means you take even less amage from the ther/kine missiles.So unless you decide to stay still,

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #759

Apart from Ventures mining in west pocket I’ve never seen/competed anyone doing this event in a frigate. Gilas, Tengus, Domis, Cerbs etc. I’ve planned on using one myself but I usually do some explo meanwhile and just never got to it.

Then I warp to a bm, a wreck or use MWD instead (MJD/MWD fit). Not saying it’s best, it’s just an option.

(Anderson Geten) #760

A manticore can apply perfectly 630 DPS @60km, with 2100 m/s . Sure tengu is safer but it’s so boring you will end up falling asleep and losing your ship. (with a pyrolancea 3% I need exactly 4 salvos to kill a BS)
and you can warp back to center then back to can then back to center to avoid the cruisers. It’s fun. Somehow. Plus it makes funny km when you stop focusing.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #761

Sounds like fun indeed. I was fiddling with that idea too, I find bombers really cool in pve, especially polarized fits (950dps Purifier), but the cloud damage made me kinda chicken ■■■■ it out. Now it stroke me I could have used an Orca or DST to move it across the cloud.

(Anderson Geten) #762

The cloud does not deal that much damage. The cruisers do, however.
Just fit a SSE and the cloud can’t go though your shield.

also remember, you won’t apply perfectly with rage unless you use 2 painters+2 rigors(or 2 painters + one rigor + 2 polybolos BCU, but then you deal less damage than with CN).

on the other side, a golem with 2 painters+rigor has 100% application with fury. It then becomes worth it to be able to deal those 863 DPS with higher range, more defense, faster approach thanks to mjd.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #763

Idea of fitting a tank on a glass canon never occured to me :slight_smile: Worth trying i guess.

On bombers I only use CN torps due to explosion radius. Would a decrease in dps be compensated by a polybolos explosion velocity bonus against targets like a badger? (T2 BC vs polybolos fit)

(Ezra Endashi) #764

I don’t see it on your killboard. How much HP did you have on it? U had to have more than 1500HP lol

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #765

Way more if he followed BS into the cloud or warped at some wreck outside the boundary.

Event BCU only makes sense as a 3rd and/or 4th module if your fit allows for them, just like the drone+missile ones.

(Mustache Dealer) #766

Some feedback:

  1. It was too white… hurt the eyes and made it hard to see white text.

  2. Please add a boundary visual effect similar to abyssal space so we know when we’re approaching the edge of the room instead of just rapidly dying to the void damage.

  3. Challenges were a bit weird. You should group challenges better visually by play style so you’re not forced into mining for 70% of the event. Ie… select combat challenges and there will be a lot there you can complete, same with mining and hacking.

Other than that I made a lot on this event and was interesting.

(Agfro Er) #767

Hello. Looking for clarification on “Limited Time” items. Wondering if items like “Men’s ‘Bitwave Glacier’ Augmentation” will somehow disappear or become unusable?

Or is the little blue limited time icon mark to distinguish that the item was only available to be received for a limited time?

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #768


(Creetalor) #769

I kind of like the event it was testing a new mechanic and players complaining about view must hate abbyssal sites. There was 2 things that bothered me. I did not like the forced Pvp quests saying kill a player in a mining ship or kill a player being a mining ship. The quests can gladly exist but at least allow on a 24 hour cool down to reroll the quest as it is not fun being stuck on them ruining another similar to someone not being able to gas mine but being forced to after they did a rock mining quest and being stuck then. Second the reward modules feel lackluster the mining module is worthless it has no improvement over using separate modules and no miner would need it as they need to dock anyway to swap the mining laser. Would have been better for cycle time to apply to both or the ice and ore bonus separate as is but boosting matching drones a tiny bit. The BCS feels it can be allright on big guns but also feels to close to tech 2 to satisfy using it. Ohh and complete lack of even tiny bounties also made it less interesting.

(Onictus) #770

I run abyssals regularly.

…I said F the event…and it wasn’t for respect

(Anderson Geten) #771

basically on small sigs, your dps is limited by explosion signature. so the polybolos are not that interesting. In fact, only when using already a paint and no on the CN bomber, did it make more damage using 2 polybolos than using 2 T2. but actually it’s more complex, eg it may be better to use a 2nd polybolos than a 2nd T2 BCU when fitting a calefaction catalyst rig(which I use). I just did not make the math for all possible fit.(because it takes time)

(HunterK en Daire) #772

at cruise missile level the polybos make a big dirrefence to appiled damage on frigates/cruiser/battleship. Would expect these to be brilliant for stealth bombers.

also seeing people swapping them on t3 tengu with good effect

(Anderson Geten) #773

I think it’s 10% more explosion speed. so it multiplies, at most, damage by 1.1^drf . It goes at max to +9.16% application rage ham, 8.77% for fury HM and rage rocket, 6.7% for fury LM. Again, that only works when the sig of the target is big enough to not be limiting tthe DPS already.
Now, using TWO T2 intead of one T2+one polybolos makes you gain 4.05% DPS. even against the fast BS, using two polybolos with CN tops (and no other apply mod) makes you gain only 5.25% DPS over two T2 , and using rage torps it goes to +5.52% DPS. using only 1 poly +1 T2 instead of 2 T2 gets a +3.5%increase.
So If you have no apply mod, and are far below the sig of the target, then it can become usefull to apply. but really in that case, switch to another weapon system. or bring some apply mod. a rigor T2 gets you +25% apply IIRC. And is always effective(sig can counter effect speed, but speed does not counteract sig).

TLDR : polybolos can give you up to 3.5% more DPS if you have very bad application, but in most cases using a painter/rigor, or switching ammo, is much better.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #774

Short answer is

3xBC T2

2xBC T2 + 1 Polybolos

Second test

3xBC T2

2xBC T2 + 1 Polybolos

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #775

now re-do the math because Polybolos gives only 8% EV bonus and not 10. With 10% it would have been a more interesting module, or if CCP put 8% ER instead of EV.

(HunterK en Daire) #776

what speed was your iteron doing as i see an increase in damage against the mordu frigates in the event site. Also when you speed up from 290 m/s to 380 m/s damage against drops by 60% at least from Mordu centurions.