Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost


(Nana Skalski) #780

The cloud was dealing damage as long as someone was inside it. DPS of that cloud was something considerable, something like a battleship active shield tank would be needed or something, to withstand it constantly. If someone was too far away from the center of site, for example wanted to orbit the cloud, then he would get into that cloud and then if not warping away, he would qickly lose ship like a lightly tanked cruiser or frigate venture.

(Aya Silverye) #781

Took a long break of 2.5 years and just came back at the end of November to find a whole new EVE with alpha accounts, skill injectors, cerebral accelerators and events. I was really pumped up for the event and it was fun for me but I do have complaints.

Happy New Year to all of you :smile:

First and foremost is the problem with the very bright environment and white flashes when warping in and out. Thats really disconcerting and potentially hazardous to people with epilepsy. Also, the locked camera makes the entire site annoying. Why not use the usual 360 degree camera? I hope the dev’s take it into account for the next event.

Second would be the spawn rate for the Battleships. They are too horrible to be honest. There are too many frigates and cruisers to the point it’s annoying while there are no Battleships at all for days due to the low spawn rate and all the players killing them as they are the only ones worth something. I agree with the other pilots posting here : The other rats besides the Battleships should have some bounties or worthwhile loot to make it interesting and you don’t feel like you are grinding for nothing and getting frustrated.

Also, increasing the spawn rate for Battleships and similar in the upcoming events would be great. It would make it more fun for people. Also, the hacking was too tough - first timer here - maybe you could add hacking nodes with easier hackers for lesser rewards. Would you be a nice progression. Also, having decent loot in all the cans for the tough hacking should be normal since hacking for 15 minutes to get a metal scrap is disappointing to say the least (use cargo scanners but some don’t)

Add to that, increasing the number of event sites would be great. It will be prevent overcrowding or add a pvp element to it like with the Abyssal deadspaces. All in all, I like the events as they are interesting - I don’t mind spending money there to collect SKINS, unique modules and BPC’s for the hoarding/collection but it can be made more fun.

CCP always picks up things fast so I am sure you will get the hang of it quickly! Keep it up!

(erg cz) #782

The more often they spawn, the less ISK you get from their loot.
For me this event was a failure, because of tasks and rewards. The first event I participated and did not care to finish. Rewards were absolutely not worth doing tasks to get points and tasks, that requires you to mine or kill player, are not fun for, IMHO, very large part of PvE community. My problem with tasks was that I very quick got to the point, where I could not go further via PvE. Only exploration or mining was left as an option. Among 6 tasks. I would carry on non-the less if rewards would be interesting or at least promissing (aka crater with random valuable loot). Element of surprise would do.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #783

Now that event has ended i have a couple of suggestions of how to improve the player experience for players for next event(s):

  1. (was already mentioned in this thread) Make event objectives cancel-able once every few hours (like missions).

  2. Make event hackable containers immune to scan by cargo scanners. That will make it more fair for new-ish players that spend lots of time (up to 10 min) for one hack vs. cherry pickers that fly around with cargo scanners and only hack if there is something of value. There is nothing more frustrating than hacking 4-16 empty containers in a row.

  3. Introduce a temporary event LP shop where players can exchange their excess of event points for event modules, boosters, accelerators and/or BPCs for them (where applicable) and skins. The event LP shop should be an unlockable meaning that you have to earn certain amount of event points in order to be able to access it. This will give players an incentive to complete various objectives past 900 (in last event) points and also lower the frustration of not getting anything useful from event drops either because of competition or bad luck or both - players will always know how many points they need to get that one item they want.

  4. DON’T forget to make event BPCs searchable by name in contracts next time.

(Anderson Geten) #784

Those guys are idiots. You can hack the cans and make them respawn after 5 minute, during which you can hack other cans with ease.
People who cherry picked the cans are just complete morons.

(Blade Darth) #785

Not if you cherry-picked before DT and nobody else did the event in 30-jump radius because they thought it was trash.
Made 2bil+, lost a gecko… Not great isk/h but still… Expecting price of some items to go up.

Like many people above, got stuck with bad objectives and didn’t care about completing them.

(Anderson Geten) #786

yes, even in that case.
It takes longer to switch system after a few “cherry picked” (typically, one). Just like in many cases in exploration, it takes longer to scan the can instead of rushing them.

(Orbit Arbosa) #787

I was proud of myself when I got all four cans in a quadrent empty.

My personal best was all 16 cans in Motsu empty. Sadly this was not the case when I came back to check the next day.

I wonder what was going the the mind of whoever it was that hacked all 16 cans and found them all empty?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Edit: add link of SS of my 1st empty set. https://imgur.com/a/Xib8hE7

(Nakaara Adahsa) #788

You are assuming that the players involved have max hacking skills plus extensive experience in applying that level of skill. Some players will, but I do not expect this to be true for the majority that are participating in these events.

Additionally, not all players may have access to a Stratios, Nestor, or a blinged-out cruiser fit (faction data analyzer + T2 hacking rig) or better that could easily tank the damage from the Mordu ships while hacking efficiently. With max armor/capacitor skills, I found a way to tank a Magnate to handle the damage most of the time, but it was still an uneasy experience and I had to warp away a few times.

An alpha or other player that may have lower skills and/or resources would likely need considerable time to hack all of the cans in a site (e.g., often taking multiple attempts to hack just one can if they can only fit a T1 data analyzer), so cherry-picking is a reasonable option in these cases and probably necessary just to get any kind of decent return on their time. Strategies that may work well for a smaller subset of players may not work for everyone else.

Like the rest of EVE, there is probably more than one way to play any given event. If it’s a well-designed event, then there should be viable ways for players without max skills to at least partially participate in the event game elements. If events are only accessible to a fairly small subset of players, then I don’t think that the EVE player base is well-served by them.

(Fluffy Moe) #789

Its funny you brought all this up because when I was trying out the event I did it exactly and precisely in a blinged out Loki on a character with all maxxed skills and even some minor relevant implants to boot since I have leftover clones from WH diving.

This event was for me total and absolute crap even given all that. The other thing is I actually ended up slighly refitting and went to do some anoms instead and got some nice escalations while playing cat and mouse with the locals.

So to sum it up, this event is fking horrible on just about every level and from every perspective., and most of all, its just plainly and simply not fun, even in blinged out ships.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #790

not “even in blinged out ships” but because of it, imo.
Doing event in t1 ships made it more interesting but tedious.

(erg cz) #791

And yet that was still the only option left for me to get at least something from the event. Otherwise ISK/hour activity was much lower, than Abyss, WH diving or even missions. Mining is crap, PvE in very same room facing very same low rewarding scattering NPC over and over again was just as tedious as hacking 100 cans… I did the event in Tierijev, which was not on the event chat list, so I was totaly alone most of the time…

(Anderson Geten) #792

Not sure if serious … on day 3 I made around 800M (buy order in jita, not ingame estimated value) by hacking for 1hour.

Anyhow even if it was anywhere near true, EVENTS DONT CREATE ISKS . Your complain about ISKS is completely out of topic, you get isks because OTHER people create those isks and accept to exchange an hour of their farm for an hour of your farm.
So the isk/h of all the previous events are ZERO.
It is supposed to be ZERO.
It will remain ZERO.
Stop whining that it is ZERO, because that is intended.

and BTW I made up to 1B/h doing the event.
and since the event id finished I’ll share my spreadsheet.


first sheet is net isk : per hour of mining, of crafting the bpcs, of using them for extracting SPs. mining was ±100M/h procurer on the first week with my non-perfect skills. Also it fetched all the prices of the event.
Now you can see that crating a BPC run from direct orders and selling it to direct orders would be worth -700k (not worth), that a boosted proc with base 18.4 yield would net 80M/h, and that eating basic accels for SP farm would net an increase of 173k/h (ie 8.3M/2D/toon).
You’ll also note that selling SP to direct orders is better than selling to long term because of taxes.
The three prices of the accelerators reflect the way to acquire the resources or to sell the result : sobo means you use direct orders, only subject to tax 1% when selling item ; boso is long-term orders, subject to broker fee on both sell and buy, and to tax on sale. bobo means you already got the resources somehow(eg mining) thus the price of resources is the price you would have gained by selling them to direct orders (so the cost is reduced the sell tax), and the price of items is direct sell .

second sheet is the total loot I got from the BS. I noted total 485 BS, got 112 basic bpcs, 2 extended, 4 advanced, etc. It also gets the prices from the first sheet to evaluate the net direct isk/BS average.
Right now the BS are worth 22.8M, I easily made over 10 BS per hour, that means over 228M isk TO DIRECT ORDERS PER HOUR. In some cases I reached 20BS/h ; I kept the accelerators I needed, so I actually made a lot more (by not having to buy them); and the price was way more at first.

third sheet is the application of weapons on the BS. the resonance (ingame term, the NPCs have resonance instead of resist) is how much of damage goes through the resists (resonance = 1-resists/100), so a resonance of 1 means 100% of the damage goes through. This allowed me to note if it was worth using specific weapons, eg I noticed that emp is better than phased plasma, or that conflagration have very good DPS.
Right part is application (with my skills) of torpedo on manticore or cruise on golem. Wondered what is the effect of apply mods on the real DPS on the BS, because I needed to shoot it fast to make money. I ended up losing 2 manticores , but this was a really fun and active gameplay (NEED to avoid the cruisers, prepare trajectory, bouncing BMs, etc. )

(Fubar Acami) #793

are they asking my opinion? Cool beans. Umm ok, my opinion is I havnt even SEEN permafrost where I live and from what I have read it looks quite lame. That’s my opinion. I don’t like it, but I don’t play it so, its meaningless to me.

(Orbit Arbosa) #794


I certainly never kept track in any detail at all, but going by my unreliable memory I currently have as much isk as when I started.

I have not sold everything that dropped such as skins (I did give away one for a Rorqual), a few ship mods and some implants (I jettisoned all the +6 and +10 BPCs outside Jita 4-4 during the event with 2-3 per container )

Items I bought for/during the event (now parked till the next event ) included an Astero, a Nestor (was going to get one anyway) and a Gila and three large skill injectors plus a few misc ship mods.

I had some fun with a Cerberus (fast sniper). For hacking I tried the Nestor, Stratios and Astero. The Astero required zero management other than what was required for the drones (turn on the AB and AR and leave them running) and so I used it most of the time.

Overall though, it was a grind, and in the end pretty boring, unless you were a newbro, then I guess there was a good chance to become salty.

(DrysonBennington) #795

I thought the event was a really well planned out event. It was difficult to mine the event because of the damage done to the mining ship as well as the PvE site. The hacking site was a tedious grind but well worth it.

Very good overall game play.

(Anderson Geten) #796

well, I did, that’s why I kept doing it.
People who don’t keep track of what they do and the time required have no right to tell what is worth and what is not.
I see so many people on the forum whining that something they did was not worth it, without even thinking about the way to enhance their behavior. But of course, the only way to show tthey are wrong is by showing the kind of spreadsheet I did, and that clearly tells what is worth and what is not.
eg even last time I opened it, the +10 were worth selling. so people complaining they don’t make money … when I made billions per day, even after all the ships I bought, I offered, as well as the accelerators I used, I gave … sorry but they only are here for the whine.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #797

Finished event with 0 points. I refused to play whack-a-mole to get points, when this excess finger mashing activity is clearly not required for gameplay, by example of past events where point gains were completely automatic and you only needed to focus on … the game!

But I shot BS’s, collected plenty of loot, and hacked cans. Event site design was otherwise good, its just a shame that the Agency computer mysteriously forgot how to increment points automatically. I urge other players annoyed by this mind-numbing impediment to gameplay, to join in boycotting “points” clicking, if this anti-feature persists in future events.

(Kirimeena D'Zbrkesbris) #798

event points gain was as close to automatic as they can be - all the tasks’ progress and a button to complete them were easily accessible this time and they did not require you to go to The Agency at all. One(!) click every now and then is all that required for you to complete tasks.

(March rabbit) #799

Still one step away from automated point collection.

Congratulation on successfully giving up on existing functionality. You are good customer.