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Saw that too. Priceless. Despite this, someone was able to find my contract :smiley:

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Here’s a perspective that may help - if they debugged it this time, then hopefully it will carry forward to future events. (I seem to recall multiple past events where accelerator BPCs weren’t searchable.)

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@Shipwreck_Jones You’ve intrigued me - what does ‘timer creep’ mean?

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Timer creep occurs when the duration or cooldown of some aspect of gameplay is set to a multiple of 24 hours. The player must wait 24 hours (or some multiple of it), before repeating the activity. Assuming he performs the activity the exact moment that he is able, and that it takes zero time to do so, he will be able to repeat it at the exact same time every day. If however, the player is late, or the activity takes time to complete, it will push back the time he will be able to repeat it. The time lost may be negligible at first, but can quickly accumulate over longer periods.
For a “real world” example, Cerebral Accelerators have a 48 hour cooldown with biology V. Assuming you set an alarm, and diligently pop your accelerators every other day as soon as you are able, you’ll only lose 1-15 seconds, depending on how many toons you have. However, if you’re late, you can add minutes, or even hours, to the next time you’ll be eligible to pop the next one. Do this enough times, and before you know it, you’re waking up at 3 am to pop accelerators -well, at least the hard core nerds like me are. Of course, you could just wait, and pop the accelerator the next day, but event accelerators have expiration dates. Thus, if you wait until after downtime, you could potentially lose out on the ability to use one, and reduce the amount of total SP gained during the event.
“What a calamity, not 50k SP lost,” you exclaim in mock shock. But, I have 4 mains, and 3 SP Farm toons, so the SP loss would actually be 195k (150k from the mains, and 45k from the farms once the skill injector penalty has been accounted for), and it increases the price per SP ratio I get out of my farms. Thus, missing a round of accelerators would indirectly cost me about a bil. And, of course, people with large scale SP farms can potentially lose a lot more.
Apparently, CCP introduced Infomorph Synchronizing in order to address clone timer creep, so I would think that they would be sympathetic to people who complain about timer creep for the accelerators. So far, however, I haven’t seen any sort of a response.

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I think this is completely insulting of CCP to force us to log regularly to use rewards we grinded. I was in vacations and had either to forego the rewards or to be exactly on time to take them. Since I was in vacations I missed some days of accelerators, and I feel insulted by those “rewards” for the event.

IMO the way I’d like it, is to totally remove the accelerators and give direct SP ; and to limit the consumption of those injectors to X per toon, eg if the event lasts 12days you can eat 12 basics, 12 advanced, and one extended (number can be multiplied by 2 if you have the correct bio V).

This would fix the fact that those accelerators are worthless at the end of the event, so people could consume 12-24 of each just before the last day of expiration, and the requirement to log in 10 accounts to consume them every 2days.

I really loved this event, but this “accelerator” concept is infuriating and I feel insulted by CCP. It makes me hate myself after having farmed, while I actually enjoyed the event in itself.

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My 2 cents - As someone that played regularly i no issue with the accelerator timers nor the daily log in rewards.

The event however, I couldn’t find. Unlike the Halloween that was relatively easy to find and participate in. Granted I didn’t actively hunt them down, but if you are hosting an event it’s counter intuitive to need to.

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Adding one more “button click” to bot takes little time and effort from bot creator. Then it’s over.

On the other hand alive players need to spend additional time and effort constantly while they participate in event.

Now the question: who is this feature supposed to discourage?

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The claim reward click AFAIK is not related to bots, but due to the inability of CCP devs to code a reliably working auto-claim.

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That’s my opinion too. However many sure that this is special anti-bot feature.

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