Event Feedback - The Skilling Spree Returns!

I never ate ■■■■ either, but have a pretty good idea how it tastes given its smell.

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This is the first time i was able to kill a mining barge t2 without having insta 10 guys on me, i was able to do it with an astero and a saber. Then black out ended.

I agree it was even a bit harder than wh space during the blackout you couldn’t close the door, but hey, again, everybody knew it was just for a periode of time. CCP was clear about it.

Experience of what I live for 5 years, no local. You could experiment to live differently, this is what you could experienced. You where not really disturbed for 15 years in null sec and something new happen, it is a deep crisis that makes you made until now, when it is way over and behind you. To be made at this is ridiculous.

I am happy too they ended the black out because I understand and respect other gameplay style. Wh life is not null sec life, if you want to live without local, go in wh space. Agree with that. But i think you still need a 1 minute delay before someone show in local. I mean, this is null sec or a high sec extension ?

Edit : remoove asset safety in null sec and you will be really made.

So you managed to find a moron solo mining in nullsec during blackout? Hundred times more of those without blackout around.
Not to mention that you’re showing signs of a ganktard entitlement, like you should be ALLOWED to grab a barge and kill it for free without any sort of retaliation from barge owner’s friends who are nearby.

“We’re going to kick you in the balls, but hey, pain is temporary, it’ll end someday, so it’s ok, right?”
CCP was not clear about anything. They used the word “indefinite extension”. The threat of another blackout with less than a week between announcement and implementation is still around us. So while blackout was lifted, as the threat of it persists, I am hesitant to commit to the game that is threatening to become unplayable at any moment.

You see, that is not how it works. There should be benefits with downsides, so there is worth in experiencing. Blackout had ZERO benefits. It’s like “starting today, your morning cereals will be made of ■■■■ instead of wheat, but hey, try to be positive about it, you get to experience something new!”. How about no?

I personally lived in nullsec ever since CCP decided to nerf the living ■■■■ out of hisec and force everybody and his dog into nullsec in 2013. I averaged 3 moves per year. I don’t think there is a single system in nullsec that haven’t changed hands in the last 6 years, even if for a short while. We had plenty of changes, some positive ones (fozziesov, jump fatigue), some complete lunatic ones (rorq rework, removal of jump fatigue, and the king of all the stupid ■■■■ - blackout), a number of meta shifts, etc.
And then you come and derp “never really disturbed”. Oh really? Go back to your safe space and never talk nullsec again.

And why exactly is it needed? So that wormhole ganktards who are terrible at catching things would be allowed to have welfare barge kills on other players who mined for 15 hours to afford that barge?
It’ll be absolutely the same as blackout, except that cloaky asshats would need to go in and log off before appearing in local, then log back in to have a full minute of grabbing a target and lighting a covert cyno on top of it for a free gank that will be done and gone before any pvp response can land. It’s the pvp averse ganktard’s dream for sure, are you that pvp-averse?

ED: of what? We’ll just live like all nullsec lived on POSes before citadels (ED: I mean outposts): everything is produced in hisec, only necessary things are shipped, fleets form from NPC stations, etc. That’s regress, not “really made”.


Ok first of all, eve is supposed to be “hard core”. Dude, you see someone in local, you warp out. You live in a safe land, I don’t. There is nothing hard about it. Are you joking ? You always had or : 1) npc station 2) players station for moon mining and production/research. Yes I use to live long time in a pos. You are talking about your production, not your assets. And yes, your assets is and where safe. I use to live 2 week in null sec back in 2014, everybody had his ships in stations. I am living in wh space for 5 years and I use to share the same ship maintenance where we had all our ships mixed together. This is probably why wh guys doesn’t have the same spirit.

Changed sov ? So what ? What do you loose ? All your stuff ? Tell me ? Like you say you are just changing, changing your income. If you change region you will change the kind of income you will receive, nothing less, nothing more. If you lost a pos you lost maybe some bp if you did some research.

Give me your drug dealer adress please.

Edit : you have bad habits for too much time. Farming is part of the game, farming is not the game.

Eve is a full pvp game. Golden rule number one. And we are all part of a symbiosis system, you destroy toys, then you build toys. If no toys are destroyed then no need to build toys. So nothing happen.

  • You should quit eve!
  • Why?
  • Because my pants told me eve is supposed to be easy for me but not for you, and you’re making it hard for me, so you should quit and be replaced with someone easier!

That’s your logic, right there. IF (and that is a really big if) eve should be hardcore, why it shouldn’t be hardcore for YOU?

Opposite. Wormholes are the safest place in eve. Just close the entrances and enjoy intrusion-free crab experience you can’t have even in 1.0 hisec, with -1.0 class riches.

safe space erodes spirit, true.

Asset safety does not work with POSes.

says wormholer.

As stated by CCP many many times over, eve is a SANDBOX game, with a half-assed pvp system strapped to the side of it. This system is niche, boring, and won by having more skill points, naturally people want to avoid dealing with it.

How do you get even that completely opposite?
If no toys are built, no toys are destroyed.
Blackout = no toys built in nullsec = no toys destroyed = bad. Understand?

Ok so I really thing you are lucky, because you have still a lot of things to learn.

  1. In wh space, anomalies don’t respawn instantly, you can’t farm forever in a never ending story
  2. Even if you close your holes, you can be in every moment the static of someone else and have someone who warp on you with a saber
  3. New signatures are not instant, there is a delay so if you are the static of someone else and they have a fleet ready to warp on you, you are pretty done.
  4. You never know if somone disconnected in your system, he can prob out of d-scan depend on the system range without you can notice anything.
  5. Eve is a full Pvp game. Pvp is allowed everywhere.
  6. Read this : 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online
  7. I offer you a bunny :


So come in wormhole space :heart:

I know. I also know you’re free to have as much moon rorq mining as you want in near-complete safety.

At which you get an instant free 100% reliable intel of a new sig spawning. Remove unscanned sigs from probe window in wh space?

They are almost instant. And no sabre pilot would know to which of 18 athanors he should warp to, and got 17 out of 18 chance to miss.

So what? It’s cyno-safe gate-safe safe space, he can’t escalate. He’ll need more than a few friends logged off with him to threaten a rorqual.

Wrong. There are a fukton of limitations. First of all, two of them are listed right there, it is also not allowed in newbie systems for at least last 5 years, you’ll get removed. Second, there is a ton of ways to avoid dealing with niche side-strapped system pvp in eve is. You can be an eve player doing many things without engaging in any sort of pvp activity once.

Those are ■■■■ rules and I see no reason why anyone would care about them.
Self-explanation on the front pages says: “EVE Online is a community-driven spaceship MMO where players can play free, choosing their own path from countless options. Experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles, mining, industry and a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox.”
It does say there is a pvp system, which I never denied, it’s there, in that small niche strapped to the side of the game, ugly af and mortally boring. It also quite clearly positions it as one of the systems in a sandbox game without any particular reason one should care about it more than about other systems.
You can say you consent to pve every time you undock as well. Those triglavians on a gate don’t ask for your permission to shoot, so pve is also allowed everywhere, is it not? You can continue down this line of thought, and remember, you can only escape the industry window for so long!

It’s ugly, feed it to a fedo.

No reaction about you living in easy wormhole space ? You should do it. But hey, you are complaining about the blackout and the lake of local… -_- hard.

The black out was an exportation of wormhole life in null sec for a while. Nothing more. I’ve read a lot 50% where happy about it and 50% didn’t like it. I think there is no point after that of being made or anything.

Thank you for the skilling spree returns, it was a cool event.

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As I explained to wormchickens at least 300 times in the blackout thread, the problem with blackout is not a lack of local, but something that safe space of wormholes does not have - instant infinite escalation by use of cyno and covert cyno, the thing that makes nullsec dangerous place, and totally missing from wormhole safe space.

Remove cyno and gates, then yes. Otherwise, no, thinking that removing local from a dangerous space nullsec is will turn it into safe space like wormholes is just… dumb.

That’s why you don’t trust forums and use statistics, that shown us how mining in non-umbrella regions pretty much CEASED TO EXIST (reduced to less than 10% of pre-blackout volume is pretty much gone).
People who are happy to chase miners lost targets, miners lost the means to upkeep the infrastructure, and that’s the nature of blackout in a nutshell - lose-lose for everybody.

Yeah apparently anything of more scientific nature than the voice from your pants is not an argument.

If only it wasn’t just another blackout damage control measure…

Its like watching a chef stick their hand down the crotch of their pants before they make a pizza and then saying its okay to have a milkshake because its a not a food but a drink…

I’m pretty sure there was a video during Eve Vegas that say eve is a PvE game. Something about it being like Icelandic weather, just wait 15 minutes and it will change?

That’ll be another thing you won’t try because of what it might taste like, I guess…

Incidentally, you’re 100% wrong (again).

I know what it tastes like, but meh, safe indeed, but too confined.



Guys, regarding Black Friday Rewards.

I didn’t logged for two days, yet now after I downloaded new update on my main account the first day rewards ony my main account were already “taken” and my account also went to alpha so I got only the 25k skill points and took the booster today. Note, all my 7 other accounts had the first reward still unclaimed.

Anyway, if I resub now do I get the second half of the already claimed reward? Because if it is not the case I am thinking about taking a small break as the other rewards in the list are not motivating enough, only the first day rewards are really worth it to resub.

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The rewards outside of the 400k of SP are quite frankly filler.

Strange thing is they launch EVE Korea and almost immediately give away SP. Some might say that is very convenient.

As it always was the case with previous login rewards, you can upgrade to omega and claim rewards for previous days retroactively. You will probably need to wait after today’s downtime to claim yesterday’s omega reward, though.

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Thanks for info.

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Blackout is over, don’t be mad anymore.

Go live in wormhole space seriously. A safe place is living with goons or test. I spoke to a guy who told me : I farm in test area with 2 super, I do 100b per month, did 300 in 3 months and pray to be ganked because nothing happen.

You are definitly a greedy miner dwarf, you destroy roids with your pickaxe like a crazy guy. And you want to do it without stopping and without risks. Take your rorqual, go in wormhole space and do it ! Oh ■■■■, you got 42 rorquals, right.

Just don’t talk about something you don’t know and worst, you have not experienced yourself. Sad part is : I tried to explain you and you don’t listen.

Edit : you are not producing, you are overproducing in null sec.