Event list Tier 1,2,

HI all,
Also all new players welcome to EVE.

For the event a few materials are needed to progress. It’s like a pyramid model. You will start in regular space to build and scan to go to the first tier and end in the highest top to defeat the enemy.
So if you scan and hack relic sides in normal space, you will find the Curious Warp filament blueprint. all materials like the X-13-17-31-37 can be found in these regular sides. Don’t expect great rewards here.
When you build the key: just warp to a safe space near a planet, set your saftey off, (the green button near your ship controls) and warp in. The next area has no enemy and you can go out any time you like whitin 30mins.
Then get all the loot by hacking. The time is more then enough. Here you can find some Ship Skins and the next Key blueprint: Precarious Warp Matrix Filament. (it requires x71,73,79) and the other lower materials.
If someone else allready managed to get in t2 i would like to know what next. :slight_smile:

Greetings and have some fun!

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