[EVENT] Roller Skating Party!

Yep, you read that right: It’s Roller Skating Party time!

Since we aren’t having the mud-wrestling match, I thought I’d do something fun for 10 August. So come on out and party with me… on wheels! :tada:

There will be light refreshments, and plenty of skates (both inline and quad!) for folks to borrow. And, of course, a big skating track. Depending on interest, we’ll have roller derbies, races, and maybe even hockey, plus casual skating.

If you’ve never skated, don’t worry! The track will have rails and stuff to guide you. And if you want to come just to hang out, and not skate, that’s totally fine too!

There’s no official dress code, but I recommend casual wear, and skirts tend to fly too much, so maybe avoid those.

The party will start at 2000 and will run well into the morning, so feel free to drop in whenever you can!

WHO: Hopefully you!
WHAT: Roller Skating Party
WHERE: The Golden Masque (check here for their rules!)
WHEN: Saturday, August 10, YC121 from 2000 NEST 'til
WHY: Honestly, why not?


I can’t wait!

Also, wear long pants. If anything ever goes wrong, you’ll be glad you did.

Feh. Pants.

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Well if you… or even someone directly in front of you, has an accident, you don’t want your knees (or anything else you’ve exposed) to go sliding across the floor.

Wear your pads, dude. Literally step 1.


If you’re going to do roller derby, then everyone has to have a proper roller derby unique name. That has to be at least 50% smut, and printed on their t-shirt.


She said Roller skating, not Roller Derby.



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Also quads are superior to inlines.

Don’t be silly. Super-thin twin-blades all the way.


Absolutely barbaric.

This sounds like an interesting enterprise but I shall have to decline. Skating, I hear, is relatively cheap and allows all - regardless on income - to partake making it something I wish to support. However, I fear I would lose control and injure others which I cannot risk.

I would not want to destroy innocent parties through my actions.

When you’re sliding on the ground, some things aren’t padded…

I enjoy the irony of your saying this.

You really should come, though. We’ll have padding and stuff. Or you could just hang out and not skate, and chat with folks.

The refreshments will be really cool.

Don’t they make cups for that?

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I don’t understand. What irony?

I will have to consult James’ writings to see if there is anything against roller skating before I can attend but I shall definitely consider it.

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Hah! I wouldn’t know. Clothes-optional inline skating never struck me as a good enough idea to try.

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I mean, now that you mention it…

(Just kidding. Put your datapads down, Brutor Tribes of Matar.)

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You can’t do this with inline skates.

Quads rule !


There are riders that beg to differ, Miss Valate.