[EVENT] [Sani] Harvest Moon Gathering

The nights grow longer; the weather turns colder; the spirits are closer than any other.

Who: Mostly Anyone
What: Harvest Moon Ritual
When: OCT 17th 1700 NEST
Where: Castle of the Sapphire Sun on Deninard IV

To start with, while the Masquerade is open to all, this event has two standing invitations: my wife and Midna Lyre. Everyone else should inquire, in private or this thread, for an invitation. Unlike the Masquerade, which is entirely secular*, this is a Sani ritual.

The Harvest Moon, Hunter’s Moon, or Blood Moon ritual is something that many Sani on Gallente Prime and throughout the Federation have adopted. It is an amalgamation of Sani rituals brought to us from Amarr expats, Caldari and Minmatar season-changing traditions, and some things we probably just thought were cool, if I am being totally honest.** It is likely based on the tradition that the Blood Raiders
corrupted into the Crimson Harvest.

Obviously, we don’t engage in such barbarity. The Harvest Moon represents a time of change, when the harsher, colder months approach. The crops are gathered; the animals slaughtered—hence the name, Blood Moon. The full moon would allow those involved in preparation to work later into the night. Being more honest, we’re not even sure which moon. Caldari Prime has a tonne; Amarr has none. Matar has a moon, but we don’t think it came from the Matar.

During this time, the boundaries between the spirits and humanity weaken. We commune together to embrace each other, to strengthen our bonds for the coming harshness, to commune with spirits, and to embrace our existence as beings of spirit and flesh.

On does not have to be Sani to attend. However, they must be respectful.

*Secular [adjective]: matters of a temporal or worldly nature; non-religious. (I realize that some Amarr are not fully understanding of this concept.)

**There will be other times to talk about accusations of Gallente ‘cultural appropriation.’ Make a new thread if you want; please don’t do it here.



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