Event sites and looters

Well count me in, then! Donation coming soon™

Edit: I support worthy causes.
Historical proof:

Again to reiterate, no one minds the blapping.

Its the obvious lie about how it went down.

I hope not, it is an interesting thread. I like reading about peoples’ EvE doings.

Githany should know the same has happened with every event - and eveing as intended - but interesting stuff.

Oh I know it happens every time but doesn’t mean it’s the norm and it should be allowed but the tools are here to stop it . Maybe killing loot thieves will become the norm one day

Epeen is so upset others are having fun without him, he desperately has to try to shut it down by gaslighting the mods into locking the thread.

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Folks, do not be fooled by the criminal doublespeak, they try to sow confusion where there is none. We are the New Eden Police Force, we are striving to be the good guys* and those supporting justice and order are the kinds of players we look to attract to our ranks.

We have rules of engagement which are monitored and debated by our Security Council. If you or anyone you know has been wrongly blown up by our members we have team of empire lawyers and HR representatives you can contact which review each and every kill. If a member steps out of line there are reprimands, name callings, and maybe even a boot from the corp.

  • Don’t mistake us when we say “we are the good guys” for what YOU might think a more real world “police force” looks like. We maybe aren’t the best guys, and we are a tad more vigilante and a good bit less white knight than we may be painted by our foes. We think in the brutal world of New Eden which includes clone technology this is a step in the right direction. Your first kill IS the warning shot.

Our low sec rules of engagement are a good bit more aggressive because it is low sec for golly gees sake. If you have a suspect timer you are suspect and nearly every Eve player at least considers taking a shot at you. We are no different and make judgment calls based on intel, situational context, and our directives. If we suspect you are associated with criminals we may blow you up, whether you are in a venture or a catalyst. If we make a mistake we will own up to it, but we do not generally attack pilots simply to take their assets or dictate what we think their playstyle* should be. That is what separates us from the criminals.

  • No, us shooting at gankers is not us seeking to dictate a playstyle, it’s an in game response to in game activities.

This corp was formed by those who wanted to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING and fight back against gankers, criminals, and the lawless philosophies they represent. If that is an in game purpose you are interested in supporting or joining then contact us: -NEPF.

If that is something you oppose then we will see you on grid somewhere around town to shoot at you and play this crazy spaceship game we all love.

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Oh Fedo poop!

Allow me to quote myself from post #46 in this thread. Link contains examples of the "justice and order" folk you like so much not only making threats irl and wishing bad things on players irl (common happenings unfortunately, and documented for years), but also threatening their children with disgusting things irl. These ashats and the people who enable / defend them are not noble and on the side of good blah blah blah.

Pick one. You sadly self-deluded lot are defending behavior that is the worst sort of irl crap you have convinced yourselves must be what your ingame disfavoured must really be.

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All of this is just a cleverly-roundabout way of saying that you’ll shoot first, and then come up with a justification after the fact. I get that this is a game, and you’re entitled to do this if you want to, but let’s call a spade a spade, lmao.

No, you won’t. Barring a few kills where you gang-bang someone random in low-sec when you have the numbers, your “enforcement” is contingent upon your targets already being condemned to death within the next few seconds. You don’t proactively go after criminals or their supporters, because you aren’t willing to gank them, don’t know how to bait them, and are war-ineligible so that you can’t legally attack them. That leaves you with pretty much just a single option for going after players who aren’t already in the process of dying to CONCORD: putting out a can, and politely asking your targets to take from it so that they become eligible to be attacked.

This is laughable from a “policing” perspective. You really should just do your thing quietly and privately, because flaunting this play style openly will lead to ridicule from pretty much everyone who isn’t your supporter on principle.

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We do not condone taking it outside of game. I personally try to move us towards respect and fun. Those folks that espouse hate need to learn to Eve and an education on what New Eden currently looks like versus what it could look like in the future.

I ganked a ganker booster today. It was a small kill and my first gank I will admit, but a first step. I had Intel, reason, and clearance to do this. We do not make it a habit of arbitrarily coming up with a justification. We could just be a regular pvp corp if that was our focus.

Destiny what you are describing is only one type of AG, that’s what I thought at first too. That can be rewarding but there are other types of ops too that are much more involved.

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Don’t try and justify our actions and activities to people here , the very fact they reply the way they do shows we are effective, saving ships , helping players defend their stations, hunting gankers with KR, all these have been effective, even when we start doing some of the things Destiny mentioned it will be wrong in some way , when we gank I mean if we gank ,they will say haha we have lost our way and are now just gankers.

Our aims are what we decide and the only part any here need to know is if you’re involved in criminal activity we will attempt to stop you.


And how we do it is our business

Ok, but Mandalf is your alt, so you are literally talking to yourself.

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Just read this , and yes I see you point many have but would you like a small wager that we don’t.

Bearing in mind we will use all of eve mechanics to fight pirates, things like high sec Ew burst , ganking sympathisers and hopefully one day wardecing some groups. So to an outsider or to the uninformed or simply people who believe gank bull. It may appear we have lost our way .

You have said everyone is my alt , even Wah…

In fact I have been called an Aiko alt .

So call me what you will as I have no ALTs :joy:

Less concerned about the possible ganking and more concerned with AG and @Githany_Red scamming newbros in jita to be honest.

Hehe how did you get to that statement

Wait , the ganker side I’m sure has given out more irl abuse than any other group, luckily we have ccp to help stop this type of player with permabans.

What ever side your on that type of game play is wrong and should be reported .

Anyway I can’t help it if you attack these asshats, it’s your actions I’m more interested in.

Githany, the main criticism against your group isn’t with regard to the activities you engage in, but the fact that your actions and your words so often contradict each other.

No one minds that you engage in anti-ganking, or shooting random players in low-sec, or latching onto CONCORD kill mails, or whatever. It’s all legit gameplay, and you’re entitled to it. No one even minds that the players you directly support have a proven history of extreme toxicity. But when you claim to be one thing (i.e. honorable space police justice warriors) and then perform actions that make you anything but, people will point out and question those inconsistencies.

That’s why I’m recommending that you quietly engage in your gameplay as you see fit, and don’t try to aggrandize your outfit through flashy, boastful forum posts, because people will rightfully call you out for having your mouths write checks that your asses can’t cash.


Not really. I’ve seen “good” players wish terrible IRL things upon people. All I’ve seen gankers do is blap people and shake them down for cash

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I’ve never seen a ganker threaten to rape and murder a miner, or their family. However, the reverse is true on a daily basis.

Admit it or not, but antigankers are defending the most toxic players in the game.


That’s right we are honourable space police and I can’t see any action that contradicts that .

It’s a hard job AG stuff and for some of us rl gets in the way , so not starting things we can’t complete.

In the words of Gary Goodspeed

    " I Like The Way You Speak Words"

And as Mooncake would say.