From a good friend

Vigilantes are just bad guys with a sense of moral superiority.

The engage in extrajudicial executions, including of those who are suspected of property crimes.

It’s morally reprehensible.

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The New Eden Pleb Force opposes taxation and professional licensures, openly declaring themselves to be “vigilantes” who shoot at whomever they want. Clearly, they are the very criminals they pretend to oppose.


That’s why we shoot at ourselves so often

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I prefer to use the phrase “Pre-Emptive Enforcement”… its so much nicer, isn’t it


You guys should just drop the roleplay and start ganking.

Well then, please allow me to repost a response to that repost:

Oh Fedo poop!

Allow me to quote myself from post #46 in this thread. Link contains examples of the “justice and order” folk you like so much not only making threats irl and wishing bad things on players irl (common happenings unfortunately, and documented for years), but also threatening their children with disgusting things irl. These ashats and the people who enable / defend them are not noble and on the side of good blah blah blah.

Pick one. You sadly self-deluded lot are defending behavior that is the worst sort of irl crap you have convinced yourselves must be what your ingame disfavoured must really be.


I like how you quote just some words of a sentence :sweat_smile:

Not unlike the many post here you plan to distort what’s written , now I wonder why but unlike you I’m not going to make something up out of half truths.

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We haven’t had to arrest any of your boys in several weeks now. Have you finally come to RESPECT OUR AUTHORITAY?

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We have always respected your authority , sometimes we end up following dirtbags into wh space , then we might run into you , which results in friendly fire but that’s eve for you . Not hard feelings keep up the good work Officer vinnegar.

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TLDR. But this is a terrible idea and has no place in this game. Whatever it is. You’re bad and wrong for even suggesting it.

So, basically, roleplay aside, you are gankers in high sec and pirates in low sec. Got it.

“Empire lawyers”. LUL.
This sounds exactly like what the trolling the freight/mining-ganking collective attempts to pull on unsuspecting targets, when they try to convince them need to pay for taxes, ship replacements, docking fees for a new ship, mining licenses, etc.

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They are not gankers, simple as that.

Of course. :roll_eyes:

Remember Rion! Never forget!


Lol you bring him up again , he was a ganker spy , he was in your channel up to no good, being instructed by you , I believe you told him to go out and kill MTU , we had a report he was trying to scout for you , so we killed him .

Also we just killed him , we don’t take the piss or scam him or grief him in any way , remember Subcoach and your other victims , not so lucky


Blablabla, he was literally a newbro in a Venture.

No way you can spin it - you gank the very people you claim to ‘protect’.

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He was found guilty by association.

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I don’t care if you gank Ventures. In fact, I want you to shoot them.

You shot Rion, FOR ME.


:parrotwave6: :woman_facepalming: :bananaparrot:
:parrot: :bananaparrot: :bluescluesparrot:

How do you sleep at night, now your happy we killed him he was a wannabe ganker that was in your holding hands corp based in YesMrChan station , until someone popped it :blush:

And now your pleased he’s dead poor Roin abandoned by the people he looked up too. I hope he’s happy popping MTU somewhere and stays away from your toxic ways.

So is everyone a ganker spy to these people?