Event sites and looters

This isn’t the larping forum, you bumrushed a solo player in low sec. Nothing wrong with that but let’s keep the fantasy fan fic out if it.


First of all, what does being suspect have to do with low-sec? It’s a free-fire zone. The only reason timers exist there at all is so that they can carry over into high-sec if someone plays the gate jumping game, and to differentiate/deter pod kills.

Second, it’s very obvious that you baited him, just like you were trying to bait others. Githany even said you went to sites that were being run, and the players inside went yellow on you (sounds like self-defense to me). This particular player is skilled, and wouldn’t have taken a fight against 6 cruisers and 1 battleship, plus logistics. By the way the damage numbers are staggered, it’s obvious that only one or two of you were there on grid with him, and the rest arrived after.

Unless you have screenshots or a video proving me wrong, it seems to me that you guys grab-assed each other over a hot diggity “griefer” kill, which happened to be a genuine low-sec solo PvPer (one of a dying breed), and are now fishing for compliments on the forums. You guys were acting exactly like low-sec pirates act. This is why it’s so hard to take your corporation seriously.


It’s lowsec.

Your fleet is no longer some charitable fleet trying to defend carebears doing peaceful event sites.

You are now just another fleet roaming around lowsec actively looking for easy solo kills.

Look @Githany_Red, I don’t mind you AG guys. I honestly find the interaction between you and gankers quite amusing on these forums. But let’s just call this what it is… A random fleet kill on some solo player in lowsec.

Respect to @Stavlabel for trying to take a fight outnumbered. People taking outnumbered/outgunned fights are rare in eve these days.


What a pathetic story you’ve got there, op.


No the Praxis was in high sec and a loot thief is a loot thief no matter where he is.

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Thxs for the time to read my post and the time to form an opinion about our fleet and story.

the real point really is with a bit of planning and team work and low skill players you can take on many types of opponents in high low or null, we did some nice event sites ran off looters almost got some and killed Stavlabel. We even made some friends in that area of low sec who seem to be pleased with our kill and for running off pilots with and intent for skullduggery.

I’d like to say respect to Stavlabel too ,for giving it a go a real pvp’er .

please do enlighten us what pathetic part of eve you play .

And i don’t understand the charitable thing you talk about , our aim on this night and many other nights, is to hunt and kill pirates and pilots we have decided are undesirable and that along is our decision, looking at staviabel’s zkill we seem to be spot on with that and he fits our ROE so all good , as he attacked us we had to take action anyway , if we defend carebears in the process then all good.

With out being ready for pvp in the first place and having logi in fleet, he may have got the upper hand and killed us all .
Gankers and suporters will alway spin the story some how, are we not allowed to do pve and pvp at the same time now , lol


No , your wrong , some had got close to him why others had been fighting Sansha ships , i was repping our ships still taking pve fire as well as keeping ships alive taking damage from the Tengu . all on grid.

and as you know my word is as good as a picture
I’m suprised people are so upset over our actions but i’ll promise todo more :innocent:


Good on you for creating your own content.

Though I do like the part of this thread where the forum NPCs rage at you for having fun in the game they never log in to.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Did your logi aggress the Tengu for this? Else it would have been concorded for assistance interference with a limited engagement.

I have a subsequent question to that, would a limited engagement also allow you to rep the other (not only shoot) while the other has another engagement, or will the game stop that?

I’m always getting confused with the new rules, the old were more clear.

Well it’s one fight more than you’ve been “up to” since your corpmates left you in 2014.

The OP is about suspect looters at event sites, not about anti-ganking defense.

It’s hilarious how the whole PvP crowd is like, “all PvP is good PvP! Catalysts against Ventures? Check. Smartbombing Capsules? Check. 20 vs. 1 battles? Triple check!”

Until of course someone actually dares to fight back, then it’s time to try to discredit them in any way possible.

Sad and pathetic, but there it is.


The Tengu was in lowsec.

I think I understand what you mean, can you shoot someone and then rep them? Is that your question? I think before I had a years break some friends tested this and found that you cannot, but I am not 100% certain.

Yeah they really do get very salty when people fight back.


Good story. Nice play. You played the game and got a kill, congrats!


Sorry, I missed that it was in lowsec (should have checked). Yes, this is what I mean, because this would open a loophole for “neutral reps”.

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That’s kind of the point, isn’t it? That you’re deciding who’s undesirable and who isn’t, and we don’t know what metrics you use and why.

No one says you can’t go into low-sec to get some kills, Githany. In fact, it’s encouraged. What people are questioning is whether this kill falls in line with your stated agenda of interfering with criminally-minded behavior. In this case, it seems like you baited a player into taking an unfavorable fight, and then gang-banged his Tengu.

Once again, that’s perfectly cool, and totally what should’ve been done in any situation in my opinion. Kill all the ships. But if you’re going to disguise this as some kind of “policing” act, that’s when your integrity is going to be called into question.

So a bunch of obvious PvP ships got in front of some dude’s face, and he fired at them? It sounds like he was already on-grid in that case, and that it was an act of self-defense. I have a hard time believing that an experienced low-sec solo PvPer would red-box a Thorax gang with a Praxis and logistics on the field.

I like and respect you, but I’m not going to assume everything you say is true. If not for you necessarily lying, then at least for the possibility that the way you interpreted the situation might’ve been unrealistic and irrational at the time.

No one’s upset at the action, Githany. As I said, it’s perfectly valid to go into low-sec and kill another player for any reason.

People are upset that you’re justifying this action based on some kind of moral standpoint, when the available evidence shows all signs of you either not telling the truth about what happened, or that you misinterpreted the situation and acted contrary to your intent.

Also, all of this aside, bragging about killing a single player with 7 ships (plus logistics) as if it was some kind of epic battle is really bad form. It was essentially nothing more than a gank.

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I had a hard time believing it to when he warped in I did not expect him to attack us , maybe he never had pirates little helper running , maybe he thought because we where doing pve he could take us.

I can also fight pirates in low sec just like I fight them in high sec I don’t care what people think about morals.

They are the same from gankers , low sec gate campers , to low sec pirates ,

Are you clutching at straws to discredit me , I never said a policing act , it was an action to show people how to stop loot thieves , we had reports that it was rampant in the event sites, that’s why it’s in general.

This is fitting I believe

You know I am no stranger ,
you know rules are a bore,
But just to keep you from danger



Which might be the case, and is fine either way, but did you really need to make a thread in GD to brag about killing a player when you outnumbered them ten to one?

Nothing about this action makes it evident this player was a loot thief.

You said that your gang approached him, and he fired on you. It sure sounds like you’re making a lot of assumptions about other players, and then acting as the judge, jury, and executioner based on those assumptions.

Case in point:

Nothing about this player’s combat record makes it evident that they’re a low-sec pirate.

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Not approach but close to him , remember our ships are blaster fit , that’s why damage is at different lvls , and really we are all judge jury and executioners , this time we was right .

So our fight will go on , you know we are true to our path and any who stand in the way will be , well Tengu ed🤔

According to your claims.

Still, making a thread to brag about killing someone ten-on-one is really bad form.

But I guess legitimate PvP kills against a fighting target are so rare for your corporation that this was some kind of “event” for you guys.


Some tengu tried to throw his weight at a trash fleet and got btchslapped.

Somehow he’s a victim

Well done i say XD


We both went flashy yellow in our efforts to save our ships from the Tengu

I should have attacked the aggressor with my combat drones but I had a flight of armour repair drones out, after coming under neut attack from nps. So was cap struggling at the time. So yellow it was and lucky no one was around