Event sites and looters

According to your claims.

Still, making a thread to brag about killing someone ten-on-one is really bad form.

But I guess legitimate PvP kills against a fighting target are so rare for your corporation that this was some kind of “event” for you guys.


Some tengu tried to throw his weight at a trash fleet and got btchslapped.

Somehow he’s a victim

Well done i say XD


We both went flashy yellow in our efforts to save our ships from the Tengu

I should have attacked the aggressor with my combat drones but I had a flight of armour repair drones out, after coming under neut attack from nps. So was cap struggling at the time. So yellow it was and lucky no one was around

Yea. Cause you prob had 1 rax in there as bait, with everyone else safed more than 14 AU away huh? And once he took the bait, warp to fleet huh? Betting that rax is tanked to the gills for Sansha dmg :smiley:

I mean good job but lets not front about what it was. And yea, the tengu should have checked local first.

Hai it me :smiley:

Yep. Ain’t no way he was risking 600 mil going up aganist 6 raxs. No T3C could survive that amount of DPS. I mean maybe if you could kite them, but even then the drone DPS would add up over time.

You live long enough to be the villain eh? You are one now Githany :smiley: Congrats. It appears my wattpad fiction is coming to reality.

Soon, NEPF will be a part of Safety. Calling it now.

LOL but were you all on grid at first? I’d bet folding ISK you were not. Lets not front :smiley:

Bro you don’t even play :smiley: And uh to PvPers, its pretty obvious what happened to the Tengu. I mean good on Githyan and co for the bait and switch.

He prob thought they were carebears so he took a shot at the rax and then lag spike and then oh crap.

I mean I’m sure he was trying to fight back as he was getting ROFLstomped by a huge fleet of pirates :smiley:

If I went in on a site like that, I’d nope out so fast. Ain’t no way a single ship could take that fleet by itself. Esp with logi back up. As a solo person, your entire success rests on the ability to kill them before they kill you. Logi negates that.

No one cares if you fight peeps in low sec. Its encouraged. But lets be real here friend. Ya’ll were the pirates :smiley:

So one secured the tackle and the rest came in after? I see :smiley:

I mean ya’ll had a fleet in there. Thats why no one was around :smiley:


I really don’t care what you guys do.

I’m just not a huge fan of people trying to spin a story about what seems a completely ordinary kill in lowsec. Basically what I’m saying is, that you guys can do better and I expect better stuff from you.

Anyway, didn’t take long for the carebear crowd to come in here and turn this thread tribal.


Tis true. I don’t mind the kill at all. But a spade is spade haha.


Starting from the first reply.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I especially like how they labeled the Tengu pilot as the griefer/thief/pirate/aggressor against whom they were “fighting back” (with 10:1 odds), even though just a cursory look at their stats shows them to be a dedicated low-sec solo PvP player (with a very high sec status to boot, so they don’t even pod).

Just goes to show the amount of hypocrisy and goalpost-moving they’re willing to engage in to push their agenda, considering that at all other times, they put that kind of PvP on a pedestal and make fun of gankers etc. for not engaging in it.

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I should maybe clarify.

It’s not that I have some higher standard for you guys. It’s just for the anti-ganking/ganking content, which I consider roleplay, I appreciate a good story that is consistent with their MO. Do I support CODE? Not really, but I appreciate their commitment to the “act”.

You’ve been making a number of decent posts painting a picture about AG, however this one just doesn’t hit the mark. That’s basically my feedback.


Cool, this is turning into a Gank/Anti-Gank thread.


The anti-gank side is being led by an actual anti-ganker while the gank side is being championed by an NPC and a guy who has never left his starter corp.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Didn’t know @Mike_Azariah was in this thread…

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I’m afraid we were all in the site at the time…
Please make a donation to the charity of your choice :christmasparrot:

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Watching Epeen break down and go full rage-mode is absolutely delicious.

You really have to start recording the fights if you’re going to post threads like this afterward.

Also, this really belongs in C&P. Posting it in GD just makes it seem like you’re desperately fishing for validation.

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I would bet my Honour on the very fact but my word is all you get, we were in the middle of a combat site a thorax would not survive on its own our whole fleet was on grid :hugs:

You would own us large amounts of isk if I had taken that bet , but I’ll let you off, as a forfeit for doubting me your task is to steal a catalyst fitted from Aiko . :eye:

You got proof or

Ordinarily I’d have no problem believing you.

But I have a hard time believing a lone tengu would single handedly take on 6 raxs, a praxis and a logi solo. Now do people do dumb things? Absolutely. You mentioned going flashy yellow.

You claim he shot first. Which is it?

I mean I’m all for low sec PvP but don’t front about it.

I never started this for pro or anti gankers , it was to encourage people to fight back . Just because I am AG doesn’t mean I can’t post other places

And that’s the crux of the matter many don’t want pve pilots to fight back , we have had to call in salt haulers to this thread to clear all the salt away , still, it will be handy for salty popcorn for the next interesting post.


I don’t get it. I’ve made clear I’d be ignoring him but yet he still continues to quote me and post at me as if nothing happened, after suggesting, for days on end, that I’m someone’s alt and calling me “temp”. Wouldn’t that behavior be considered ‘online stalking’ or Harassment ? Just wondering.
Just how old is that guy, 105yo? Because he seems to have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. I only hope he doesn’t expect me to reply to him, lol.


Knowing it’s some old fart… Given his handle and how he signs all his posts with sunglasses, I picture epeen as


To rep people taking fire from the Tengu