EVERMARKS -- why so difficult?

The Venture is close to the best deal, but the Merlin is better.

I hope that more ships will be added soon as its very limited to say the least. Maybe all the miners need to all shout in 1 loud voice that they want marks for there barges and orca fleets lol


More ships for the ever mark hand in? lol careful just now the agent asks for Orca’s and Rorquals.


I don’t want them to add ships that we can trade in, just ships that we can apply the EM’s.


Waiting (im)patiently for T2 BS and Faction BS…


Are these things permanent so e.g. if you unlock it for the Heron you can apply it to any Heron you have and you can do so even if you lose a Heron you had it applied to or are they like volatile SKINS thus one specific ship and if you lose it they are gone?




Yeah - same here - especially T2

Does anyone still remember or held onto all of those blueprint copies of ships that we use to get on the daily log in reward?

If you kept them then you are a happy little miner and we know how they come in handy right about now.

Good work o/


Now I have to look… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rage: :thinking: :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There were Vexor, Tormentor, Moa , Corax, & Breacher or that is what I see that I hadn’t turned into actual ship hulls

Now not 100% sure if there were any Thrasher Blueprint Catalyst Blueprint as I make my own copies as I am a Miner who takes more than gives back.


Good idea of using those to build ships for the Evermarks trade-in…

I kept most of those BPC’s, used a few for invention but the majority are still stashed in a station can, will definitely have to look and see what I have…

I sold all my on contract for next to nothing.

Closer look it can be seen that most had only t2 possibilities only as they held 0% bonus to both material and time, you didn’t lose out on much.

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Nah not more ships to hand in. I mean more ships that the ever marks can be added to.

I’m so glad they have an EM for the Gold Magnate! I mean, you can’t buy the ship but you can get the EM :frowning: . I like the EM’s but I think they should be available for ships that are more common. Also, why the 24h hold?

Guys, you need to pick up the pace of your turn-ins. There’s still quite a lot of PvP for CCP to replace with fetch quests!


Perhaps it is because the ship model is almost identical to the Magnate, so adding the Gold Magnate version was a simple process and didn’t require much time?

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Probably true. Sadly though, none of the ships that I
fly on a daily basis have EM’s available.

None of the ships I fly regularly have emblems available either. They are coming, so I am just building up my Evermarks so that I can buy them when they are. I am expecting a lot more to come with the heraldry update and I have no idea how expensive the holograms will be. A few more months to save :slight_smile: