Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool

Без нулевых цитаделей в проге нет смысла

Я проверить не могу , т.к. не состою в альянсах и своих структур тоже нету.
Должен быть доступ к ците.
Можешь проверить вручную


Ok. So I installed the app, without any problem, it does work. When checking for updates I say I want to update. After that the application does not run anymore saying that VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Tried to install the microsoft redistributable, however it says it is already installed. Any hint ? I would like to try the app. Many thanks

PS - if I uninstall and retry again, the same problem occurs.

try uninstall Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable and install again The latest supported Visual C++ downloads

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Thanks. Have it working now. Altough without some sort of documentation, I’m a little lost. Will dig a little during the weekend.

Hi Sasha, you’ve got a very nice portrait.

What’s the name of the apparel item you’re wearing?

Women’s Jita 4-4 Executive Jacket ( when it was added to the game, it was without textures )

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Ahh, my female alt has a Women’s Jita 4-4 Executive Jacket but it doesn’t look like that. So you’re saying it was first added to the game without textures which is the reason why yours is a silver/white color? Anyway, very nice, definitely makes that Apparel item very rare.

is there any support for this program? I get the error when i try to get corp contracts:

Hi, the latest update that went out yesterday killed the market analysis tab. You are unable to pick a region to load.
Evernus Regions

Something is wrong with the database. Rolled back