Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool

Hi, this is a bug in esi https://github.com/esi/esi-issues/issues/1264

So is there a fix yet?

Well, I somehow fixed it. install the update and you need to delete the local files

Awesome! got it working again thank you so much, I do notice that the character journal does not include ESS Escrow Payment transactions

there will be time I will fix it, now there is a lot of work

What local file to delete?


Since developer still provides the old version as default download, I was forced to have the “add new character bug”, and lost some time to find what “install the update and you need to delete the local files” means.

For anyone stuck in updating the client and fix the bug with adding new caracter, after you update the program, you must go to:


and delete folder:


When you start the program, it will ask to create the database.

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Hello i become an error when i authorize


Error 2021-01-19 14.24.04
I have an identical problem when authorizing a character. The recommendations given above do not help. How to solve the problem?

read a little higher)