Evernus - Buy/Sell Volumes

Hi Guys,

New to the trading scene, im struggling to understand what Buy/Sell Volume and movement means within Evernus?

For example


Buy Volume/Movement - 25/2
Sell Volume/Movement - 151/11

Am i correct in thinking the below

Buy Volume/Movement - 25/2 — 25 buy orders - 2 people sold an Eris
Sell Volume/Movement - 151/11 – 151 sell orders - 11 people brought an Eris

Please help :stuck_out_tongue:


In context of the Margin Tool, which is basically the EVERNUS version of the standalone program Elinor Reloaded, I think its something like this:

Volume: Amount available
Movement: Amount sold (within a time frame unknown to me)

But I don’t think its very accurate…

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