Newbro : need help with Evenus

O7 all,

The players driven economy of eve kind of interest me as a side activity. Station trading seemed a bit static so I tried to start myself as hauler/trader, especially after suffering several shortages in Rens of « common » modules.

After a few tries guessing what items were on high demands through the zkillboard and using eve-market, i decided to upgrade to evenus since apparently it’s one of the only tools for importing/inter-region trading.

And now I am at a complete loss, i just don’t get it.

There are two tabs which according to evenus help are relevant : importing and inter-region for station trade/hauling.

Inter-Region Tab :

Evenus Screenhot

I understand the « 5 % volume price » means that’s the average price if you were to buy 5% of the items on the market in said station.

But i just don’t understand the numbers. Take the « Mjolnir Rage Torpedo » item for instance. Evenus says it sells at 1800 isk in Jita and then it says it sells 2,7M in Rens. Which is indeed the case but it’s kind of a scam sell order.

In-game, market history shows this item has a median price of 2 700 isk so i guess nobody fill the buy orders but a lot of them sell. Good item for importing then.

But is there a way to configure evenus to discard those scam orders ? I checked « discard bogus orders » but doesn’t seem to work.

For instance “Mjolnir Rage Torpedo” looks a good item not because of the 2,7M scam sell order but because of the sell/buy ratio and the 2 700 isk average price ( above the Jita price then). How do i configure Evenus to show this kind of info ( and not the scam/market anomaly) ?

And what means the « margin tab » ? If i had really a route trading with buying at 1800 isk and selling at 2,7M, my margin wouldn’t be 99,94 % but 3000 %. Why 99,94 % then ?

What means the volume option ? Is it in units of items sold ? Is it in volume ? I filled it with 50/10 000 but i guess ammunition easily reach hundreds of thousands whereas rigs are much less. What should I put to see both while discarding items which don’t sell at all ?

What means the 30 days min average volume ? I could guess what is a average volume but what is a minimum average ?

What is the score on the left tab ? I tried searching the help but there is no indication of what it is.

Importing Tab :

Importing Evenus Screenshot

What is a « median dst volume » ? I get what a median is but i don’t get what it means applied to a volume…

What means the destination volume mean absolute deviation ? ( on a side note what means in English mean in this context?)

Thanks a lot for your help, the players driven aspect of eve really caught my attention and evenus looks as great as overwhelming ( a bit like eve). Furthermore English is not my native language so it’s an additional difficulty.

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