Everything in this game takes a back seat to t1 trash

Why oh why.

I have mever known a game that the more time you spend in it, the worth less your time becomes. Why is everything we skill into “niche” and all the stuff we have right off the bat is viable? This is completely backwards. Within a month of playing, we already have everything we need. Why does this game demand all this time and grind just to get into niche stuff? Who decided that making everything niche was good?

Time is precious. Discuss.

Would it help if I told you EVE is a niche game? :slightly_smiling_face:



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I dont unserstand your point. The equipment i can skill into performs better than the equipment i could use on day one. The ships that I skill into do the same.

Your time is not precious while playing EVE.


every eve player who has kept the game alive for 20 years


if youre a credit card warrior and just bought youre ISK and skillpoints then yes, otherwise you dont know anything about eve !
btw… i got way less niche in these game with my 230m SP on my main as i was dezember 2012 ( 2 month after i started eve ) because i can fly every ship i want and i can do every content i want with maximum effizency ( based on eve skills )
if you dont have any ship on 5 you cant say the same as me


Eve is the strangest game I ever played, it has no equivalent. Skill points, powerful ships and how fast you can hit that keyboard don’t make the difference. It requires a lot of patience, a lot of neurons ( probably more than I have but that’s another story ) and the willingness to risk and lose in order to learn.
Victory is elusive, real-life time counts for nothing and it’s safer to swim with sharks than undock in Low/Null/Abyss…
EVE is going to kick my butt all over the place for a few years and that’s why I love it !!
Is that wierd?


I mean, if you think you have trained for everything you need, you don’t have to keep grinding SP. On the other hand, since you passively train the skills anyway, you can just keep training and don’t care. It’s not like that the skilling requires any effort from you, unlike so many grind to skill games. That’s the good thing about EVE: you do not have to grind skills, only ISK. And ISK only if you lose too much too often.


Tbh after 50mil SP you don’t really notice your skill queue anymore. It’s just play the game, make ISK, do your routine, and one day you will notice another V skill is done! Oh hay another V skill is done! Etc.

As I get older (in EVE years) I have really start planning things out in month blocks. What V skill do I want to train this month? And so on.


I’m really surprised what I can already do with just 6mil SP as it is. The only thing that holds me back is myself.
I choose what ship and module/capabilities I want to train, put that into the queue and let it run. Few days ago I tripped on the fact I had over 6mil SP, like I had accomplished something :sweat_smile:
I’m training into a ship right now it’s going to take over 30 days… so what, big deal. It’s nothing compared to the time I plan to play the game, just a drop in the ocean.


eve is not about SP overall… its about SP per action ! if you compare your 6m SP with my 230 m SP and you got more SP in one special theme, then youre way better then i am ! everybody should stop watching only about the allover SP and start thinking what they skilled and how they can use it !

your 6m sp same if your all V at one ship then my 230m sp for the same ship.

No. But this thread kind of is.

Is that why you don’t have a ‘kill’ record in almost 3 years ?


Amen! There were bitter old vets when I joined in 08 with no way to catch up at the time. That didnt mean we weren’t going to make them pay dearly for that advantage. :smirk:

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You sound impatient.

Eve is a long game, not a fast one. It is a game of inches and single % points making the difference between winning and losing a battle. Each niche, as you put it, has its own skills sp and rl learning required. Within a month of playing you have the basics . . . not ‘everything you need’. Then you decide on goals and start finding your niche or if you are older, niches.



My combat alt is sitting on around 150m sp. 120m of which seldom gets used.

I mostly fly light tackle frigates…

Because Eve ironically emulates life in that respect. You need to have a basic understanding of something before you can specialize. You don’t start taking organic chemistry in college, you take general chemistry first. You don’t start going to medical school until you have the basic education required to even make it into medical school. So, not its not really backwards.

The only way that’s happening is if you use skill injectors… which is a bad idea. Because while you can inject the skills used in the game code, you don’t learn the basics of flying a ship… how transversal speed works and all the other little things one learns by actually playing the game.

So how do I know you had to use injectors to do it. Because I know how long the Magic 14 take… and its about 4 months. 4 months is not within a month; basic math. And even with those done, you can’t really do much in the game because you’ll need to skill into the ships you want to fly… or into industry… or into PI… or into trade… or into whatever you actually want to do.

Because the niche stuff is generally better in its niche than the general ships. The Atron is an amazing tackle ship; but does it honestly compete against interceptors in the same role? No, not at all.

T2 ships generally take the role of the T1 ship and specialize it down more to a specific role… or it completely changes the role of the ship. The Cormorant isn’t a ship used for tackling; its T2 counterpart, the Flycatcher, on the other hand is an interdictor specifically designed for tackling and holding ships on-grid.

Arbitrary statement. And not everything is niche, there are some ships that depending on how you fit them, they perform very different roles. Heck, some ships can even be properly fitted outside their ‘preferred’ tanking method. Just look at the number of shield Ishtars out there.

Another example is the Rook. Its supposed to be used as an ECM platform in PvP. I use one for C3 ratting because its harder to find while still being able to do the job.

If your time was so precious, you’d spend it doing other things than complaining about something that isn’t going to change on a video game. But I discussed the matter.

By the way, I score your post as a 3/10 on the Shrek scale. I’m huffing gas and have nothing better to do than respond while watching really bad sci-fi.


I’d be guessing but maybe they are in a crew on a t1 heavy meta trend.

If wanting to roll out the t2 or t3 more…maybe finding a home for that may be in order.

1m sp allows you to fly the most powerfull ship in the game: the catalyst with t2 guns

Which provides heaps of fun and salt

That has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

The irony here is that it took me less than a minute to make that post, and here you are writing me a story book on how o abould spend my time.