Eveworks Enterprises - Custom Software, Spreadsheeting and much more (Custom Software and sheets, Hosting, SEaT, Alliance Auth, Market Calculators, Market analysis, Corp Websites, Market Scanning Programs, Discord Bots)

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Bump! Very Active service, with my team running this service for 2 years professionally, your in good hands.

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Awesome and fast service. We got help setting up our SeAT server and now our Appraisal page for the Corporation. I could not have asked for better service. Definitely a 10/10 here.

Recommended if you want a fast, reliable and friendly service. I recommend joining their Discord and giving them a go.

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New Website Dropped! Check it out: https://evework.xyz/

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Reminder of what we offer:


  • SeAT Installation 1.5b One time Setup
    • Includes any plugin installation and configuration
  • Alliance Auth Base 2b One time setup
    • Included installation of up to 4 C-tier plugins no extra cost
    • 0.2b every 3 C-Tier Plugins extra one time setup cost
    • 0.15b every 1 B-Tier Plugin (extra one time setup cost)
    • 0.3b every 1 A-Tier Plugin (extra one time setup cost)
  • Pathfinder/Tripwire 2.5b One time setup
  • Teamspeak/Mumble Standalone 0.7b One time Setup
    • 0.4b One time set up if installed alongside auth software like AA/SeAT
  • Evepraisal 1.5b One time setup (note we have an eveworks run free evepraisal found at https://evepraisal.evework.xyz/ and https://appraisal.evework.xyz/)

IT/Software Hosting
All hosting includes IT Administration & Support

  • SeAT/Alliance Auth
    • Up to 100 Characters - 1.5b/Month
    • 100-300 Characters - 2.5b/Month
    • 300+ Characters - Special Quote
  • Pathfinder/Tripwire
    • 2b/Month
  • Mumble/Teamspeak
    • Standalone 1b/Month
    • Installed alongside Auth like Seat/AA 0.3b/Month
  • Evepraisal (note we have an eveworks run free evepraisal found at https://evepraisal.evework.xyz/ and https://appraisal.evework.xyz/)
    • 1.5b/Month

Domain Name Rental

  • Eveworks Subdomain (e.g yourauth.evework.xyz)
    • Free alongside any of our other services
    • 0.2b/Month Standalone
  • .online Domain name (e.g yourauth.online)
    • 0.3b/Month alongside any other of our service
    • 0.5b/Month Standalone
  • .com Domain Name (e.g yourauth.com)
    • 0.6b/Month alongside any other of our services
    • 0.9b/Month Standalone

Outsourced IT administration
Note: These are not added on extra to monthly cost, this service is included in any monthly hosting cost
Between 0.5b to 2b a month, based on circumstance

  • Covers regular management
  • Small fixes, transitioning
  • IT integration and configuration
  • Large Fixes depending on the size are extra cost


  • Custom Enquires Ranging from ~1b-60b
  • Several Market, WH, INTEL, Capital Production and other spreadsheets found on our website Eveworks - Empower Your Empire


NOTE: All enquiries and consultation sessions are FREE

Join us, open a ticket today on our discord @ Discord, or look through the pretty pictures on our website: Eveworks - Empower Your Empire