Eviction from NPC Station be added to EVE

an idea for getting All Day Long Campers out of an NPC station in LS or NS.

Could a type of Eviction from NPC Station be added to EVE?
Requirements to “Request an Eviction”:

~ The person Requesting an Eviction would need high standings with the NPC Corp that owns the structure that the camper is staying in.

~ An amount of ISK or PLEX to pe paid, more ISK/PLEX = more days of eviction from NPC Station.

~ The person getting an eviction notice would have a short time to undock or log out.

~ If the evicted person logs back in after logging out in the station, this character would immediately be kicked from the NPC station if the eviction warning timer had ended.

~ The Eviction Notice would be valid at only one station in one system.

~ Major NPC Market Hubs not included. There could be other NPC Station exemptions that I am not thinking of.

~ The Evictee’s Standings with the NPC Corp should have some counter effect. In a way where evictee’s high standings with the NPC Corp can negate the request before ISK/PLEX can be deducted from the character making the request.

~ The Evictee should have some type of Asset Recovery option in case of a long term lockout , or a maximum amount of eviction days. Maybe some ability like a Contract to transfer items to another character.



What if the camper has standings with the NPC corp, too?

And why should the NPCs take care of this? Shouldn’t the PCs be responsible for keeping people from getting to the station to safely dock in the first place if they want to control the space?


EVE Online needs less dockable NPC stations.

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I agree, Camper Standings with the NPC Corp should play a factor.

I agree, but it is too late to change that.

Something productive to add.

bah , over all … bad idea . that camper can just have a new alt move into the station and accomplish the same thing. ok, so just put up with this issue I guess…

1/10, and this is coming from someone who lives in low sec.

Just learn how to station camp better kthx.


The opposite should be the case: EVE needs MORE NPC stations so that people can focus on inspace violence and not on how safe their toys are until the next day or two. NPC stations allow you to have fun without having to worry about that some blob prevents you from doing that the next day. They are also much better at removing ISK from the game than structures which keep ISK in the game, and they are not nearly as safe as structures for ongrid action.

Overall, NPC stations are superior to structures and the game would benefit from more of them.



Shockingly I agree. Its why a lot of low isn’t occupied. No stations. I feel this would be a great way to develop in Empire bounty hunting agents…

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:rofl: No, your idea isn’t complete. Why not get rid of structures altogether, everywhere? No more docking. You log off? Too bad, your ships will be floating in space until you log back on, susceptible to theft and destruction. Your fault, should’ve stayed logged in.

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Is this the continuation of what used to be cloacky camper tears?


There should be an option to hack into someone else’s wallet/PLEX vault.


That would really suck for Destiny Corrupted…


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Holy fk i thought i was a whale. You are the mobyest of dicks.

It’s not even like…a single titan’s worth? And there’s somewhere like 20,000-30,000 of those in the game?

Overall I’m actually pretty poor compared to a lot of my friends, but then against I haven’t touched PvE since roughly 2011, and most of my money came from killing other players (or having them pay me).

Money is meaningless. The biggest thing I fly is a Hyperion, or sometimes a faction battleship.

Calm down blinglord.


How much does a titan cost?

Like a hundred billion or so.

Take that back or I’m going to virtually kill you IRL in Second Life.

Also when is my furniture going to be finished? You said start of December and we’re almost into the new year now.

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