Excavation intelligence unit

The problem:
in game tools still not allow us to log data about ore amount been mined; ‘Mining Ledger’ canot give acute data (only 1d resolution); as a result mining fleets are on stagnation because no any possibilities in game to have information about every person contribution.

Deployable structure for mining.

  • collecting the data about amount of ore mined by every person in the area/fleet (such a data must be exportable);
  • scanning asteroids about ore quantity;
  • (pointing and lightning asteroids - amount of ore, about to deplete warnings, etc).
    It could be separate window interface. It could need activation and synchronisation with foreman vessels (Porpoise, Orca, Rorqual) so being able to work only when there is a mining fleet.
    It’s action area should cover the belt.
    It should be retractable and It should have small construction cost (not more than 5’000’000 ISK).
    There could be Tech II variant [for nullsec] being able to operate in rare ore fields and having greater action radius.

*Existing loot log in fleet works with cargoholds and can be corrupted when person repeatedly move ore between container and cargohold so this tool not useful for mining operations.

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