[Excubitoris Chapter Statement] Condemnation of Brutor Vanguard Attack and Inquiry into Means of Attack

As the one who recovered these materials I would like to make a request of all authorities investigating these matters to openly cooperate and share what resources and information is pertinent to their respective inquiries.

Personally I believe the best course of action would have been to split the material evidence amongst the interested parties, primarily between CONCORD and the Tetrimon inquisition, but that decision is not mine to make at my position. I pray the powers of the cluster see reason.


Such a course of action would have indeed benefited an open and transparent investigation, and gone a long way to convince the international audience that the pious words of peace coming from the mouths of the Plague of Floseswin are more than simple lies and deception, intended only to lessen the will of free people to start fighting back.


There was potential for that course, it was suggested four days ago, backed by modest financial incentive. Nominally Ms Rhiannon, you are a diplomat; as such it was your job to have understood the political risk inherent to an Imperial subject condoning, let alone offering to reward the transportation of evidence pertaining to so high-profile a crime out of the Mandate.

You chose to decline that option and seek an unadulterated win; in so doing making what had been something politically risky into something politically suicidal. After imposing a binary choice as surely upon those loyal to the Empire as those loyal to the Republic, you whine and gnash your teeth at the Plague of Floseswin as if you had no part in your own misfortune.

If you took responsibility with as much talent as you cast blame, you may even have learned from this.


Don’t be baited into expecting honest discussion here.

Sometimes one can be honest with their opponents… Sometimes one defends an armed incursion into sovereign territory with known enemies of the sovereign power, that then ‘retaliates’ against the expected defensive response from appropriate authorities. Then follows up by painting anyone who disagrees as not understanding the delicate nature of their armed inclusion.

I pray you don’t expend too much effort in discussion with the latter. Your righteous energies are best preserved for someone entering the discussion in earnest, not simply as bait.


The Excubitoris Chapter will continue to foster a reasoned voice within the united wall of the Faithful. At times like these it as important as ever.

Your temperance and measure here, as much as your quick action and hardened resolve, are a shining example for others.


And here I’d figure the foremost use of the evidence should be getting to the truth of matters, regardless of whose ends that serves.

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The clear role of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order is to serve the will of God, as communicated by the Blessed Empress on the Sacred Throne.

Nothing else matters.


So God is the great cosmic Truth, and the Empire serves the will of the great cosmic Truth, so obviously exposing the truth is a tertiary concern at best. :thumbsupparrot:

It’s always inspiring to see people manage to convince themselves that truth can be served through deception.

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As usual, Chapter Master, there are those whom would twist your words to mean whatever antithesis of actual meaning they can derive simply to seem relevant.
You could tell that you aim to bring peace, they will assert that since peace is an absence of war, that to bring peace must mean there isn’t peace already. As such, your words are a declaration of war.

Perhaps, one day, some might actual see it through to resign themselves to hearing your words as they were spoken. I would wager you’ll be turning many vintages before we see such a resignation in action.


I am starting to regret correcting the detail of who shot first, as it is repeatedly quoted to me wrongly as playing the victim or blaming the Navy for that mishap.

If I had just let the version stand where we saw a Navy patrol on a gate and cleared them out, we could maybe concentrate on the actual international situation at hand rather than one detail of one skirmish.

So let me say this once more: while is true we were not the ones opening fire, Navy doing so was completely within their RoE and MO, and we don’t resent them doing so. We responded because that’s what one does under fire. This is business as usual at the borders and drawing some great conclusions about it is beneath anyone worth caring about.


This whole discussion feels like it comes from YC107.


Interesting that you think anyone but your friends are interested in “who shot first”.

Your associates lead an incursion into Amarr sovereign territory to help extract evidence that could help get to the bottom of an attack on Amarr people. You, yourself, have confirmed there were no CONCORD sanctioned wars declared upon the carrier of the information (despite their attempts to bait them).

So despite their being NO credible threat to the courier, your people decided to enter Amarr territory with pilots of terrible standing in Amarr. Your people know full well that the presence of these pilots would demand a response from The Imperial Navy, as such baiting a fight with the defending force there. I have no reason to doubt you chose your words carefully when you called the escort uneventful, things went exactly as expected.

What’s the next story, “Electus Matari hands small arms to drug-crazed lunatics. Blames Amarr for responding to armed drug-crazed lunatics.” No, surely that’s too far-fetched.

None of the above surprises me. It is to be expected. Terrible crimes for which I hope you all are one day held to account. But expected.

However, to then come here and accuse others’ talk of peace of being lies and deception? I do not think even you could say that with all sincerity given the current international situation. So I stand by my statement that it is pointless to assume your discussion here to be in good faith. The other option being that you have recently formed a mindflood habit.

You will excuse me for having zero interest in “who shot first”.

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Ok, one more time. In short sentences to make it easier to understand.

I don’t give a ■■■■ who shot first.
Neither do my friends.

I corrected a detail in an AAR. In the skirmish, Amarr Navy did open fire first. It could have conceivably happened the other way round too. We might have decided to do it to clear a risky-looking gate. I did not correct the detail to “claim self-defense”, but to make the report factually correct. The idea of a self-defense claim is purely an Amarr invention and a strawman.

No one - not you, not me, not CONCORD, not our governments - gives a ■■■■ except the likes of Yassavi, who keeps on trying to put up a strawman and attack it to make me look bad.

We sent an escort when requested. While wardecs were not up, many things could have happened: a gank attempt, accidentally going suspect, Tetrimon or Shining Flame some other Amarr outfit showing up in force. The escort was uneventful. Only a minor skirmish no one should have above zero interest in and the likes of which happen on the borders every single day happened.

And yes, we did that to get a piece of evidence out of Amarr hands. Because we have no reason to believe the Empire would not use it against us, and because a Minmatar rogue is a Minmatar concern.


I have never felt any need to help you with that, the hypocrisy and victim complex cast you in a harsher light than I ever could.


The interest is in what was served, far more than what was done. You had opinions on strawmen no?

Does not happen every day.

Take care diplomat, of the norms you seek to establish; some of us view the world with far more consistency than you.