Exefile.exe close itself

Hi … this is my first message on the board …
I’ve been on Eve since 1 year and never have any problem

now … when I enter my account evelauncher.exe work correctly … but when I click play button exefile.exe came out for a coupple of second than close

anyone know what I can do?


I am having the same problem. It says “exefile.exe has been blocked from accessing graphics card”. sometimes my screen goes black, sometimes the PC crashes and restarts. It happens every session, sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 30 minutes, it’s frustrating.

I thought my graphics card was broken but it’s not, a new card does the same thing. I have tried everything. Opened the firewall permissions, reinstalled Windows 10, verified the files. All my drivers are up to date. I’ve been trying to fix this for months and can’t get it to work. I really like this game but I’m going to have to not sub anymore because it’s not working.

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