The essence of these changes lies in addressing the dominance of certain ships, such as the Exequror Navy Issue, Osprey Navy Issue, and Caracal, which have historically overshadowed their counterparts due to their superior range and damage capabilities.

  • Caracal - Missile velocity bonus now only applies to Heavy and Heavy Assault Missiles.
  • Osprey Navy Issue - Missile velocity bonus now only applies to Heavy and Heavy Assault Missiles.

Bye lamers …

So, what was your point again?

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No more kity lamers with rapid lights and snakes …

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You sounds very salty xD

Be sure you will got visited by kiting gangs again and they will find other ways to outsmart you :wink:

press “orbit”

hit F1

so smart …

if its so easy then why didnt you do it the same and kill them ? xD

but you decide to start crying in this forum :wink: so we all know youre extremly salty because you are not able to kite and that mean your not able to :

Is this an upcoming change or one that’s already out? I don’t keep up with all the latest patches, but I just came back from a break and am still slaying stuff with my OSNI. Should I stop?

Because for such lazy kiting gameplay to lose braincells to, I’d rather watch paint dry.

Really? Orthrus nerf when?

your right … dropping vexors with 8 ppl is way more effort then range controle … xD

all you say is → mimimi i´m bad at everything and everyone else is a lamer because they know this game better then me

Yeah, OspreyNavys with rapid lights from +100ks and then warps off like a dumbass as soon as someone gets to within 70k, is about equal effort, actually no, even less of an effort … Managing 8 vexors def requires some braincells …


just warp away ? xD

but you didng manage 8 vexors xD
you just kill one vexor with 8 dudes :stuck_out_tongue: thats a difference and the ONI needs more skill to fly properly then you have if you only can drop a single vexor with 8 other dudes :wink:

good that you accept it → Insight is the first path to improvement