Existential circumstances

Why do you always cover any spec of truth you don’t find appealing to the eye, it’s no wonder people bypass your forum and use other forums like reddit where you do not have the ability to delete posts or hide posts in which you do not agree with

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i dont know dude …

about deleting posts
some times you drink alcohol and then your post looks a little better than it is in reality , after you get sober you rethink the situation and conclude the best course of action is to don’t let the shi% you dump on the internet for posterity

about making shi% you don’t like invisible
i think this is a bubble/cowardly thing and yet im not looking anything related to the current world wide event that is going on because im tired of being scared all the time and i think 30 days is good enough to get the taste of it and if im going to die let me die happy and ignorant

just thinking , your question is kinda deep

Who is “you”?

–Confused Gadget

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CCP also runs their own Reddit page. And yes, your opinion can also be hidden and/or disregarded on Reddit as well. All anyone has to do is downvote your post into oblivion…


Sound likes someone got a post deleted and is now butthurt about it…


You must be of a particular rare level of obnoxiousness to have topics or posts removed. Even most of mine survive most of the time. And coming back to whine over it makes you look like a Balos.

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