Expanding Eve

Hi guys.

I made a mega comment on another thread about my disdain after returning to 7 years to see CCP has gone backwards by switching off Dust 514 with seemingly no comments to make it a PC game, nor Valkyrie has gone anywhere.

Where’s the non-Scope movies, books, animations, etc?
What’s CCPs plans for the future?
Where have my walk-in stations gone :frowning:

The game was teetering around it’s current playbase size back in 2016. I am actually surprised to see it is still the same, and not less. Should I have expected it to be more? No, based off the fact that CCP seemingly only focus on Eve Online.

What actually does CCP do everyday? I am curious. I understand there are probably lots of things happening that I don’t know about or understand, but when consumers like me start asking, “What are you actually doing?” I think communication about the projects and timelines present might be handy. I know you’re not going to tell us everything, but you can just say “Working on Eve Online expansion” to catch-all cover the next stage without revealing what that is. At least players know something is coming. It’s not like you release Scope videos way ahead of time anyway.

I don’t wanna rattle on, but there’s a lot of potential to drag newcomers to the scene. I am very surprised to see you can now free-to-play the game essentially on these ‘alpha’ clones, though I can’t be bothered grinding ISK to play so I just pay for it monthly. The price has gone up loads though - jeez!

What would I do to improve the game right now? I don’t actually know, it’s hard to comment after being gone for 7 years. I see people being upset about some T2 titans - I am surprised it wasn’t done back in 2016 to be honest - others about ganking, safe zones, etc but that’s just how it be. Maybe 0.9+1.0 zones could be 100% zones except for obvious things like piracy or duels, but I don’t really get ganked that often. Please don’t try to actually gank me though lol.

CCP, you do not actually have to do everything yourself. If you look at Lucasarts and Disney’s recent activities with Star Wars, they have allowed or commissioned artists from across the globe to create fascinating stories within certain parameters, but otherwise let them reign free and create something great. The Star Wars community has absolutely loved this new content, which might have seemed controversial even ten years ago. Why don’t you do something like that? Ask experienced players - a lot of whom may themselves be artists of some kind (writers, painters, content creators, etc) - if they’d like to contribute to Eve’s lore and development. You don’t have to give them £200,000 per year, I am sure a lot of them would be glad to take a few or a couple ten thousand, as long as their name is shown out there. A lot of these artists working with Disney have done the same (albeit, Disney has actual billions to throw around, but you get the point)

There’s a lot of potential, and I am not surprised the game is going through a stagnant phase. I don’t think it’s even the “skill ceiling” of the game, as it only really gets difficult when you start doing complex ■■■■, which goes for any game. This game is super easy to get started with mining when you brought out things like the Venture, or ratting in high-sec with cruisers. Some people like to be casual, but you need to reach a wider audience.

Dust 514 definitely would have helped, and if you want my opinion on how it can be separate and also integrated into Eve online, you can have ‘Event Modes’ and if they are part of a corporation from Eve, have a ‘Corporation War’ mode, and if they have their own Dust corp, have a ‘War for Hire’ mode, where Eve online factions can choose to hire you to support their fights. Eve Online corps can pay for ‘quality’ of NPCs if they cannot find appropriate Dust players too, and I suppose you could scale that with Dust player ‘skill levels’ like Destiny if you wanted to go down that route. Otherwise, having matchmaking or dedicated servers would be absolutely lit, and maybe a sandbox mode to allow longevity (look at Garry’s Mod or Team Fortress 2. GMod is about to turn 20 years old itself and has a community bigger than Eve) and perhaps some form of modding to an extent, or level creation whether major (level editing or custom content) or medium (like Halo’s forge)

I’m not saying you should make me the Director of CCP or anything…you can if you like…but more honest communication about where you’re actually going and what non-Eve Online content you actually want to bring out might look like. I’d kill for Dust 514 on PC.

I don’t know what else to say and this was definitely not meant to be this long lol but I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying.


Not sure what this post is about … but don’t get forum rants for measurement of average EvE player mood. This all has a Waldorf and Statler vibe in it. Nowadays I’m actually happy if CCP doesn’t touch the game too much. Because every time they did it ended in some mess. The game is generally fine as it is atm, the core is still intact. And they should keep focus on it.

The much I also would like to have a decent FPS in the EvE universe, with it you may not double the number of players, but split the PC player base. Doing something else CCP has proven multiple times, they are not capable of.

EvE is the unicorn, and having played for nearly 10 years I perfectly understand why, and also why it needs to keep being a unicorn (niche MMO) to survive against the competition. Again, CCP is not good/staffed to compete with the big boys out there. Hence adding anything not contributing to the core is waste or even worse, drives players away (“why should I pay playing EvE if I get the same for free somewhere else”). You can’t get what EvE offers anywhere else, that’s the point.


So, to be honest I stopped reading at your second paragraph of this post as rants are not ideal for the internet and people with limited time. Here are some things that stood out to me.

CCP has been doing the scope it actually takes alot of work to animate even those short 2-4min videos according to them.

Well they have just done massive industry rework, faction warfare rework, and literally a few days ago the Cadari State has completed the interstellar ship caster that gives the Cadari State a massive advantage in deploying their fleets.

Maintaining the massive server infrastructure that keeps this very unique game together.

Many of us across all games would LOVE more transparency.

If you get caught up in player numbers, you will lose the meaning of the game. Don’t fall into (Insert video game name here) is dead crowd.

No no… EVE is brimming with activity… Literally updates every month.

Few players used it, costed too much $$$ for CCP to maintain, and didn’t add any meaningful gameplay that couldn’t be already done through third person and the base UI.

Few key points I saw in your very long rant. I am happy to debate what I said and probably some things I missed.

I recommend getting back into the game and learning the 101s


I applaud your effort, personally I couldn’t be bothered.


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