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I’ve recently been getting into ratting in nullsec and over the last few days I’ve seen a few expeditions pop up. Specifically, the expeditions I’ve been seeing are usually ‘Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Points’.

I’ve been told I can sell these, but I’ve been wondering, if I travel to them, could I simply complete them myself?

I’ve looked up this expedition on EVE Uni and the first two ‘parts’ of it look like no different to the kind of sites I’m already completing in my Gila with no problems at all. It’s the third section that worries me though… see this link:


I tried to look for resources online but most links I found are several years old or people completing the sites in ludicrously big ships like Carriers etc.

Would I be able to complete these sites in my Gila? Or should I try and get a bigger/better ship for it (if this is the case, what ship should I aim for?)?

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The reason people don’t complete these has nothing to do with the difficulty of the pve. Rather it’s the travel to the site and the risk of death due to pvp that is the issue. Some alliances have groups that will buy the bm for the site and then run it. You will need to ask in your alliance chat. As for the ship to use, I have no idea as I do not carebear.

If travel is the only reason for these sites not being completed then that certainly explains why I see so many conversations online with people talking about using T3 cruisers as they’re pretty much uncatchable…

I’m very close to being able to fly a Tengu with some competency so I’m thinking of setting one up for running these sites when they appear. Obviously though, Tengus aren’t cheap so id rather not set one up unless I knew it was going to be a worthwhile investment.

If you can manage the spawn triggers I don’t see why you couldn’t run them yourself. I will still caution you to use a Battleship class ship as if you unintentionally trigger waves before you’re done with the previous one, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed and risk losing your precious ship.

Since you are flying Gila, I would suggest the Rattlesnake :smile:

as Vol Arm’OOO said; they are mostly just left alone because of dangers with traveling and running the sites, as well as the rewards are only bounties on the ships and nothing else of notice (maybe loot/salvage but no more than you could get in L4 mission).

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These are escalations and can be completed by yourself. Read here to find out more about them but they are basically missions. Sometimes they take you to low/ull sec so you may not want to do those ones.

For example escalations for Sanctum sites (In null sec) can sell for 100m ISK (or did when I was last in Null)

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Since he is ratting in nul to begin with I do not see this as a problem.

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Guess I missed that bit.

Yes with an interdiction fit T3 you can make it to the site and you can now use depots to swap out subsystems. Nonetheless people feel that the travel you have to do is not worth the risk/hassle.

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The last expeditions I completed took me 3 hours including some travelling and organizing a loot infrastructure. Nice ISK reward for all the loot, but some organizing - you have to like salvaging :slight_smile: . I think the expeditions correspond to the mission level you’ve solved to get the expedition bookmark.

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I’ve got an alt I can use for salvaging/hauling the loot back and I can scout for the hauler using my T3 (once I’ve bought it). Luckily most of the expeditions I’ve been having pop up are within 10 jumps in the same region I’m in, and because my alliance (Pandemic Horde) owns most of the space around here, even though I’m travelling long distances, most of the area is well covered by our intel channel.

I’ll buy a Tengu when I can and I’ll give them a go. Thanks for the answers all!

When you get your tengu - make sure you fit it for travel - interdiction and cloak - and use a depot when you get to your target system to fit for pve. Also keep in mind that the tengu was nerfed recently along with all the the other t3c - so old fits may not work.

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