Experienced all-round player looking for something specific

I have been playing since 2009, 130m SP.
Wide range of skills including indy, trading, manufacturing, exploration, blah blah blah blah.
But looking for a lot more PVP content.

Current zkill https://zkillboard.com/character/1784661247/
Ive done the NRDS thing, but not my thing to be honest. (Please dont contact me if you are ProviBlock).
Ive done a lot of my recent PVP with SpectreFleet, which has been great fun. Id still like to fly with their fleets.

Im looking for a corp that specialises in getting their content through WH chains. I like the idea of raiding/roaming different regions every time i need some content. I dont mind if the corp is based in HS/LS/NUL. Not really interested in a WH corp as such, just one that uses them to project across New Eden.

Fully self sufficient, dont mind losing ships, can fly tons of different stuff, never flown a boosher, but have that on my ‘ToDo’ list. Not interested in huge cap fleets or corps that insist i train for carriers, although I am only a few days away from a Thanny. I prefer small to medium ‘Hit and Run’ and roaming fleets. Gate camps are OK and theres always that fuzzy feeling I get from blapping crim pods on the Jita 4-4 undock.

In game message to JONNYHICKS if you have a corp that would be interested in recruiting me. Please dont just link your recruiting thread here.

UK evenings and weekends is my main play time.
Im OK with TS/Mumble/Discord


Living out of 0.0 npc space

sticking it to the man

All aspects of the game are tackled

  • PVP
  • PVE
  • Industry
  • Mission running
  • etc…

Relaxed attitude, with no Drama from SOV and Blue Donuts, we aint renting, we make our luck

come join our pub channel


Wasup jonnyhicks,

Just wanted to reach out and see if you had decided on a corp yet… If you looking for content we have a TON! https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99006805/

We are still small, just took two systems in Tenerifis that are perfect for ratting and mining. We are blue with the MWM coalition; so, the space we live in is fantastic. Our Poco are set at 3.5% and we have 0% tax on all our indy facilities. (T1, T2, CAP, Invention, Moons) We have it all, just looking for guys who want to partake!

Swing by our discord and we can chat: https://discord.gg/hcCgC6e


-Xeno Dragoon

New Jovian Exploration Department

Public Channel: NJED Bar and Lounge
Out-of-Game Public Channel: Discord #njed-public2

NJED has been residing in j-space for over 2 years, and as a part of the A Band Apart. alliance, we form the core wormhole operations group. We are a medium-sized PvP corp and expect all our members to be able and willing to put up a fight. We don’t want to deny fair content to anyone, and thus we look for the same in return. NJED only exists as a framework for our members to make something out of it. Everyone is encouraged and supported to try something new, organize an event, become a leader for others.

Our Corp Provides

Third-party Tools (Discord, Tripwire, Fleet-up, Wiki)
Citadel Infrastucture
Full P4 PI Capabilities
Hull Replacement Program (Limited SRP)
Our Members Provide

Content creation and consumption - Our scouts and content creators are the lifeblood of the corp. They receive full priority on loot from content found by them.
A relaxed atmosphere - RL always comes first and we have no strict activity demands from our members. We do ask that prolonged absence is discussed beforehand.
Experience - We have a lot of knowledge packed into the long-time members of the corp we’re eager to share. If you are new to wormholes or haven’t logged in since melted nanoribbons were 8 million ISK, we’ll get you on your feet and running.
Geographic diversity - While the majority of our members are from the US, we have presence in AU and EU timezones as well.
Our Requirements For Application

Full API
We have recently relaxed our recruitment restrictions. Alphas and low SP are encouraged to apply.
Alphas will need to be ready to specialize, especially with the new Alpha changes. We will provide useful skill paths to assist.
Feel free to contact us here, in our public chat, or one of our recruiters: Bluedagger, Artennius Lee, Irie Igunen

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