Experimental Slots

I think we should be able to add a new slot to High, Mid and Low slots along with Rig slots that would allow for experimental type modules to then be used.

You could add upto three experimental slots per ship, 1 1 Rig + 1 High +1 Low for example.

Each experimental slot would have its own set number of calibration points based on the type of ship. Experimental Modules couldn’t be mutated but would alwasy be either T2 or T3. Alpha’s could use T2 Experimental Modules but not T3.

The experimental modules could be any type of normal module but would have tertiary stats that would effect other normal modules within the set associated with experimental module along with experimental modules that are built specifically to be used with Experimental Module sets.

Soo… you’re suggesting all ships get 3 extra slots?

I think most ships have the amount of slots they do on purpose. Adding 3 more slots adds a lot of power creep.


So all modules would need to have these new stats.

That doesn’t sound like much work :rofl:

Did you even read the post?

I said experimental modules, some T1 and T2 modules and the T3 version of the experimental module.

Not all modules, because that wouldn’t be very experimental, now would it?

No, you would have to purchase an experimental module slot first.

I did, but that one sentence that is a whole paragraph has to be read multiple times…

Besides, I’m posting in a @DrysonBennington thread, so… :rofl:


An example of one experimental module and slot set up and how it affects other modules would really work wonders here.

Also I think its a bit ambitious to suggest a possible 3 slots for one ship. 1 per ship might be more likely to gain traction? IDK. Depends a lot on your vision for this but I am still not quite clear I think.

“Purchase” of the extra slots could be done with “slot splitters” which would be modules you plug in, and then plug in a regular module on top of along with an experimental next to it.

An alternative downside to this could be that, rather than affect stats, instead the splitter will slowly overheat itself and both modules and will need to be onlined and offlined manually to avoid destruction. An alternative to overheating would be that they have a chance to go randomly offline every five minutes or something.

And I don’t really understand the “experimental” point here. Why do we need experimental slots to use experimental modules?? Why not just use regular modules in these experimental extra slots, or expiremental modules in the extra slots?

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Dropping the number of slots down to one Experimental Slot would definitely increase the value of the ship when being sold as well.

Experimental Slots could help boost defenses against difficult NPC’s such as the Sleepers, Critters and Triglavians.

For PvP the Experimental Slot could help boost the bonuses of fitted rigs.

Why exactly would CCP want to turn difficult NPCs into easy NPCs? You do understand the concept of difficult NPCs being difficult, right?

Do you understand the concept of upping your game? In order for a game such as Eve Online, to remain relevant, the difficulty of NPC’s has to increase along a curve of difficulty. The increase in difficulty thus necessitates the need for new weapons and ships.

Luckily for humanity, the caveman who do didn’t value the spear and a hut to live in didn’t survive for very long.

You mean powercreep?

EVE is not a game where we get better equipment every expansion and tougher enemies that we need those better weapons for.

EVE is more similar to chess, where every ship has a role. Unlike chess the rules of the pieces in EVE are regularly updated to make sure all pieces are useful, but even if such small balance changes were made in chess it makes no sense to give rooks the ability to also jump around like knights ‘just to up the game’.

That would just be powercreep. Add enough powercreep and half your game will be irrelevant while the other half will be a completely different game than what you started with.

Half of the game is irrelevant due to 30 Catalyst Gank Fleets, so what was your point again?

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