Expert Systems - Coming Soon!

But there is difference if they buy in game item with certain value vs thin air that will disappear after 7 days. Again it’s psychology, basics of sale.

Why vet would care about being able to fly t1 exploration frigate or mining barge for 7 days? Any sane vet will buy SP. Any “advantage” I see right now is actually giving these to new players for free by vets.

Just because I try to defend people that can’t defend themselves? I don’t want people leaving or being so pissed at game to never ever, look in it’s direction. Yes I have personal benefit. I want better and healthier game

We have that since 2015

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Or perhaps he’s just thinking of how the newbie would probably be better off just paying RL money for omega than spending RL money for 1 week of temporary skills/ship access.

Yes, I’ve read the whole thread and there’s lots of people pointing out that the problem is newbies don’t know what they want to do at first. That’s… almost always been the case. I started in 2013. I tried mining, exploration, missions, then PVP, then incursions in my first year or so. I trained into various areas that I don’t use equally now that I’m a 175 mil SP nearly 8 year old vet.

But every thing I trained was a permanent investment in my character, and if I hated a choice so badly, I could “undo” it with skill extractors since that system went in.

In any event, the limited “respec” system some are recommending instead of this sounds like a better idea, but… this one depends on pricing and on how often CCP gives it to alphas for free during login campaigns and such. I agree with the guy who recommended to Mike that it be a reward for completing the career agent missions (all 45 of them, last time I checked… could have changed in the last year or two).

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with diminished returns, so all’s good. Injecting your way into a ship hull that really matters may be a financial challenge, lol.

Na he’s not, a newbie is still paying rl cash for it. To a newbie there’s no difference between paying for it outright or having to do it via plex, that actually makes it more convoluted.

So how would that be different for a newbie if it were for sale via plex, which a newbie doesn’t have which he then has to first buy?

I’m pretty sure it will be cheaper to buy those skills temporarily than to buy injectors to get those skills permanently. A sane veteran who wants those skills temporarily would want to get the expert system rather than a skill injector.

But apart from players who want to try out a new type of gameplay without too much investment, I don’t see the attraction of temporary skills myself. But I can see how they can be useful to other people.

It’s not so hard to figure out why you’d be for something like that. Noobs flying ships they barely know how to handle is a gift to you and your terrorist friends from CODE. CCP is doing you a favor, serving you noobs on a silver platter.


I didn’t say paying PLEX for the expert system for a 1 week rental instead of paying IRL cash for the expert system 1 week rental.

I said paying IRL cash for a 30 day omega period instead is a better value.

Yes I understood that :slight_smile:

Thing is HE is fine with the idea as long as it’s payable with plex so according to him there’s nothing wrong with the concept at all, just not with the fact it costs rl cash.

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Please stop assuming things from thin air and putting words in my mouth that I never said. You somehow got wrong idea that I want to leverage system for my personal benefit and now you are trying to spin everything around it. Concept is garbage and I’m saying this since first post #7 to be correct. I said that I would let it slide when possible to buy with in game currency because after that it wouldn’t have such catastrophic effect. We won’t change CCP decision, but at lest we can try to make it not as terrible. I never supported and never will support this concept unless dev time will be spent on actual fixing NPE

You said that, verbatim.

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When you put it out of context. Then probably I did.

It wasn’t him, it was his twin, lol.

He’s CODE? wow that explains a LOT. I had no idea but now I understand many of his posts!

Go to the CODE website, his mug is on display there as a major contributor.

You’re an exemple of why I say that there needs to be a campaign of awareness aimed at new players to let them know that EVE has a racketeering organization within its fold and CCP does nothing about it with all their talk of Player Retention while CODE is the main reason new players leave the game.

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Then… they actually have those skills, and the SP won’t vanish on them a week later? I mean, this really doesn’t impair anyone who’s already trained stuff.

What are you referring to?

You know. I have this sneaking suspicion that the barge one is purely to profit off of botting operations.
Make a new alpha account, spend the peanuts on the mining barge one if it is at all cheaper than regular Omega. Transfer a corp barge to the new alt and immediately be collecting resources without even having to remotely skill train (and thus invest irretrievable XP under the 5m SP limit) in just minutes. It gets flushed? No problem! Just drop the ship in the corp hangar for reassignment and repeat the process.


It’s true that CCP needs to let new players know that there are ganker organizations that will hunt them down while they’re in weak ships.
I also think that ganking is a major cause of new players leaving the game.


You can see clearly the impact of “Pearl Abyss” here. CCP got sold in 2018 to them. Pearl Abyss is the creator of Black Desert Online. These guys are knowing how to squeeze the money out of people.

I mean … I have to pay money to know how the game will feel later? I have to pay if I’m lazy and don’t wanna wait until my skill training is done? This is more and more running into pay to win. There will be tons of new player zombies running around flying a big omega ship and they are having no idea what they are doing. After a while and tons of ship losses they are leaving the game again but hey … CPP got its money.

Helping players should be done in other ways like better tutorials. For example tutorials missions where they are able to fly a big omega ship for only this mission. Protecting new players more in high sec. People are ganking empty cheap t1 battleship because they can. This pushes more the new player experience than taking their money before they are leaving again.

I bet the number of players leaving in the first 6 months is still way too high. I like the idea behind it but I’m not a friend of selling it in the store.

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