Exploding Supers

We have found a defect in Supercapitals. Now, they only work for a limited amount of time before self-destructing.

Basically, if you undock and use any module or commit or come under any type of aggression, a counter starts counting down. When that counter reaches 0, the super self destructs.

The counter timer is permanent, meaning that if you spend 30 seconds, then it minuses 30 seconds and does not add it back, ever. There is nothing you can do to add back time on the counter.

Simply undocking and floating around and doing nothing, will not decrease the counter. But activate a single module, and the counter will start to decrease.

Also, if the counter has decreased by even a single second, you cannot repackage to sell on the market, though you can still contract it, and you cannot dissassemble for minerals. Only trash it.

Might be a good idea to extend this to rorquals too, but not sure yet.

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I love it, but it also sucks :slight_smile:

I’d change it to be: “Ships get old”, the counter would be the age, and one day when you enter warp your pod goes, and your ship is left behind as nothing but debris!

I’d make it cover all ships.

I had a similarly bad but different idea some time ago:

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The more I think about it, it should be all ships and it should be just plain aging.

This would also help new players afford ships, they could but cheap used ships!

I do like the part where the station goes with it! :slight_smile:

Catastrophic failures do happen sometimes for various reasons: something something went wrong, something something malfunctioned (maybe sabotage), reckless/DUI piloting, etc.

Agree 100%.

Please let Betelgeuse EXPLODE!!

One can only have hope :slight_smile:

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