Exploit Notification

I wonder what the ramifications are if this exploit is widely used. Could it affect the economy or the balance of power in EVE Online? This sounds like a very tempting opportunity to get rich and powerful quickly. I know you advise against it, but I’m definitely going to try it anyway. Who wouldn’t want to huff some Fullerite C0-P1UM and feel like a king? Maybe I’ll even find some friends to join me in the clouds. Don’t worry, I’m sure nothing bad will happen. It’s just a game, right?


The real ISK comes in when you figure out how to store it in injectors and sell it during the off-season.

10/10 would huff again

Only A Fool would be discouraged by this warning and not try such an opportunity…

Well you know what they say… a fool and his gas are soon p(h)arted.

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