Exploration Frigate with Combat Ships

Some of the exploration sites have combat with hackable containers inside them. The usual way to do this is to clear the site of rats and then hack the cans. I thought it would be really cool if my Probe or Magnate could hack the cans simultaneously while combat ships deal with rats. I know this might not be very efficienct, but I think it would be cool. I’m one of the weird people who watch the ships close up in PVE. Unfortunately, every time I tried this, the rats changed their aggro to the exploration frigate and it had to run away. Is there any way to manipulate the rats’ aggro, or is bringing an exploration frigate to a hostile site simply not feasible?

Depending on how big and many NPC enemies there are - you could look at Sisters Of Eve ships, like the Astero. It is a frigate that can probe, hack, tank and fight. Although the downside is it’s pricey compared to T1 exploration frigates.

I believe rats tend to aggro against ships either their own size, or ships using ewar (like target painters).

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