Exploration job wishlist?

I saw other pilots also would love to have more depth in exploration, not just grinding the hacking sites (though, I must admit, it’s still enjoyable though becomes quite monotonous fast enough).

So I wanted to ask - what would you like to see to be added/updated?
I do appreciated that Eden is unique and different from anything else and it cannot (and maybe shouldn’t) encompass, let’s say, the whole Milky Way but it could build up on other its strengths.
My initial personal Exploration job wishlist:

  1. I dearly love the Crimson Harvest ‘Black Hat’ challenge - it not only adds variety but also sets a goal and some progress. I think such progress line could be incorporated into the exploration on the permanent basis.
  2. A lost lore scripture scattered around the new Eden - a pilot finds separate pages, (reads them), and takes them to the SOE or SoCT central library for a reward.
  3. Most importantly, exploration expeditions would be the most lovely thing - going from system to system not knowing where you will end up, gathering some ‘scientific data’ or following the lore breadcrumbs (like the aforementioned lore pages).
  4. Project Discovery could be incorporated into it too. Let’s just say that besides combat and hacking sites there could small Project Discovery - related sites.

What you would like to see added to the exploration? Or, maybe, what would you advice to a budding explorer like yourself?


No. No. No.

Hell No.

Keep that crap out of space. You can do it if you wish in stations but don’t put it in exploration sites.

I will go out of my way to gank anybody doing that crap in space. Just because. I will sit and push everybody off those sites too. Keep that crap out of space.

Last thing I want is to scan down that crap and waste my time, the only fun in it is ganking and pushing if it gets implemented.

It had better not be a “cosmic” signatures but rather something we can filter out completely (or to target with ganks :slight_smile: )

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P.S. Recently I accomplished a quite lovely personal quest. My dear friend gifted me a trove of blueprints some 25 jumps away. As this jumping-through business is quite boring for me I decided to travel there exploring all the systems and WHs on my way. It took me a few days to get there in such a fashion but it was quite an adventurous sight-seeing tour - and it was even more rewarding to finally get my hand on that treasure trove. (Not to mention that I accumulated some wealth by then - for a starting pilot , that is).

So here is the idea - we could make a network of long-distance-separated adventurers and gift each other something of desirable value for such type of personal quests?

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Haha :smiley: That already sound like an exciting personal plan of actions! :+1:

Personally I’d like to see more variety in the “high level” sites. There are loads of ways that could be done.

-for example sleeper caches are sleeper caches. Once you know how to run them thats it. Everyone is the same. Maybe they could exist in different configurations? Especially the superior sleeper site which has 4 rooms and the rooms are always the same. Maybe there could be more room types so you dont always know which rooms you are going to get. That would make things far more interesting and potentially dangerous as well.

-There are no relic equivalent of special data sites. Could we get relic site equivalent of ghost sites or sleeper caches? obviously not just replicating mechanics but giving us something different

-I like the idea of a site that exists in a wormhole pocket or similar. So you going to the site means you leave k space and when you leave the site you get deposited back somewhere random. The site should be lucrative to encourage explorers to run them if the risk is being dumped in the back of Outer Passage or Delve. Explorers would then have to make a decision between running a regular route or being forced into space they are not familiar with.

-Harder hacks. Althought the current event has toyed with this i dont think it goes far enough. While these new level 4 event hubs have increased the health of all the aggressive nodes they seem to have an excessive amount of “safe” spots to the point that you can rule of 6 yourself anywhere on the board and not have to worry. There is a fine line between “difficulty” and just making it a crapshoot though. so im not really sure how to best implement.


By the way, with what ship/fitting do you do that? In a Tengu? Because I keep wondering how to do exploration AND PVE combat in one ship :thinking:

there is not combat in these sites. They are high level hacking sites and can all be run to some extent in a hacking frigate.

A limited sleeper is gated to only allow frigates anyway

A standard sleeper has turrets which you have to sig tank to be able to get all the cans. So you can either take the risk……or just ignore that part of the site. If you want to take on the turrets something a bit bigger is an option.

A superior sleeper needs some form of either armour or shield rep to deal with enviromental damage in the solar room. you probably need something a bit meatier if you want to take on the archive room but ive seen it being done in part in an astero. I just dont run that room or the mine room as i dont think the reward is worth the risk.

Mechanic driven sites. Not combat sites. T1 Frigate or Cov-Ops all the way

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Thank you! I still don’t get how one could get through with a T1 hacking frigate (Astero is more like T2) - you can’t even fit a serious rep on it :open_mouth: Interesting, I will try a fitting on a spare frig when I am back to my home system

There would be a question over whether you could scan it down at all in a T1 without high skills.

And again skills………T2 relic and data analysers are recommended.

Can be done though. Pacifier is my first choice. But any covops is fine.

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That really inspires me to have another look at frigates, thanks a lot! That’s what I keep telling - not the size of the ship is important but the real experience :+1:

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