is high sec exploration profitable


I mean it’s profitable in that you’ll turn a profit. But you’ll be competing for sites with all the rookie explorers in hisec, so keep that in mind.

Hisec has wormholes, though, which can be very profitable. C1-C3 class wormholes can contain the same kind of pirate faction data/relic sites as can be found in nullsec, and those pirate sites don’t have hostile NPCs.

Bear in mind while they do contain these sites there are also wh only sites that are relic and data that do have rats.

It’s going to make you a some amount of money, but I recommend getting into wormhole exploration. It’s more dangerous for sure, but losing ships is okay and you can just consider it a cost of doing business. You’re likely to make much more than you lose in ships.

That said, it’s perfectly fine to start out in highsec and learn the ropes, then go deeper when you feel comfortable with it.

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