Explorer Seeking Information about Known Jove / Jovian-Technology and / or Structures. K-Space / Anoikis


For the sake of some exploration-related activities and perhaps a (potentially lengthy) science-project, I’ve been finding myself increasingly attracted to the Jove / Jovians and their technology and story as a whole – and in turn am trying to find any information about what Known Jove / Jovian structures and technology exist in New Eden – Whether that be in Known-Space, or in Anoikis.

I’m aware of the ability to interact-with and receive the timestamped information that can be retrieved from the uncloaked Jove Observatories scattered in space – But other than these Observatory-towers, are there any other known Jovian-related constructs that populate other places of New Eden?

Or – Failing such things – Are there any specific Jove / Jovian-related tasks, missions, or otherwise worth looking-into?

Any information given would be greatly appreciated.

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A relevant time to ask this question!

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