Expolit or Game mechanic

I have been watching a couple of corps who seem to have found a way to get pretty much an endless supply of T2 salvage plus the odd faction drop for little to no effort. Just wondering if its a legit game mechanic / exploit / lucky find.
Basiclly all you have to do it seems is find an Edencom system and anchor a med pos at a moon with a station in view. Use pos guns to shoot the gunstars at the station this spawning fleets of edencom ships. When the ships get in range of pos guns just shoot and have mtu drag in. Once all dead go salvage the wrecks for lots of t2 salvage. Loot consists of t1 salvage and mods plus tons of the filamnets to go into and out of trig space. From 5 of the 100s of wrecks i got 3 intact armour plates and some t1 salvage.
So have the corps won eve or is it just another broken game mechanic ?


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If unsure if something is an exploit, report to the GM’s directly via Support → https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?lgn=1&ticket_form_id=51462


Intended or not it’s the correct way to play eve :+1:

Seeing as there are limited locations for this to occur Id say that people might even fight over it if its as lucrative as you say it is. Working as intended.

Post the location where this happens here and players will deal with it.


So far i have seen in Kothe Halibai and Khopa to name a few.

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Put in a ticket so will see what happens. TY

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I like emergent gameplay. Players being smart. Love it. Much better than NPC rats.

I hate rats.


Hmmm Interesting idea and if true almost free moneys :stuck_out_tongue:

Any update to if this is a exploit or not ? After salvaging some wrecks like you said i can confirm that this is easy isk. I just dont want to set up a pos if it turns out its gunna be classed an an exploit :frowning:

Any changes will be announced here: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/204873262-Known-Declared-Exploits

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It is what it is …

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