Exspired Cerebral Accelerators

as we all know many players have items that are passed their exasperation dates.
Why not sell in store or have as a in game drop an item I call a reactivator?
the reactivators can be set to reactivate the different types of expired Cerebral Accelerators.
They would be a one shot use and say a slight draw back the C.A’s once reactivated could be 1 to 3 % less affective and yet still be a highly useful item.
The reactivator would also have a exasperation date and could not be used to reactivate its own kind.
Just my thoughts
Fred VonStraine
AKA Fred C. Straine Sr.




  1. a feeling of intense irritation or annoyance.

"she rolled her eyes in exasperation "

synonyms: irritation, annoyance, chagrin, vexation, anger, fury, rage, wrath, spleen, ill humour, crossness, tetchiness, testiness, pique, indignation, resentment, disgruntlement, disgust, discontent, displeasure;

Sorry, but I think you mean ‘expiration’, although a lot of the posts in ‘Player Features & Ideas’ leave me exasperated.


Better idea, don’t buy more than you can use. If you farmed them, sell them faster.

worlds worst speller here,
but I get my ideas across.
noticed you did not comment on my idea.

I like the idea. Have these drop in data sites so more folks will run them.


I do like the idea of a reactivator. The most straight forward tie-in is likely abyssal deadspace ‘magic.’

Triglavian bioadaptive technology makes extensive use of engineered colonies of extremophilic bacteria, that are used to grow, harvest and adapt various resources found in Abyssal Deadspace. Artificial colonizing plasmids integrated into specialist tools used for direct adaptation of technology can be found in Triglavian caches in various stages of development. These mutaplasmids can be used to alter the characteristics of a wide variety of equipment types, depending on the strain and the bioadaptive tool with which they are integrated.

Your idea and mine could hold some synergy. Abyssal Mutaplasmids could reactivate expired accelerators however there is a stronger chance the RNG roll will produce an active accelerator with poor stats versus having used a fresh accelerator in the muta combination process.

Most likely he tried to milk as much isk from each accelerator he farmed as he could - instead of just making sure he sells all of them.

Yup… play the 0.1 isk game, and you’ll probably lose. Especially with stuff that will go bad.

so how about passing my idea along to the high mucky mucks aka the deva’s.?
Come on CCP. there are some good ideas out there how about giving credit where credit is due.

At least let us know you received the idea and are looking into it.

nope I just wasn’t able to use them all due to work schedule and real life situations.

Fair enough, just the same, expecting to be able to circumvent known restrictions is never going to happen.

I was just suggesting away for CCP to make more cash (not that their not making enough now)
Or better still away to get players more involved and get rid of useless clutter.
It would be rather interesting to see what would happen if the Reactivator was used…
Use at your own risk.

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