Extended configurable Keyboards

How would the larger population feel about an IPad or GalaxyTab app that helps the operation of the ship?

A series of configurable tablet windows that could sit beside you in a companion app that controls a single task


NullSec: You fly your ship as normal, the tablet sits beside you with a D-Scan app and scan window…
Mining: You sit in the roid belts mining, the app has a Survey scanner window open…
Missions: You’re flying your Navy Vex in a mission, the app has a drone window open, monitoring drones
Incursions: You’re a logi pilot with Fleet Health Bars open, watching your mates shield/armour tank
Trader: Ipad has the Market window open while you’re creating contracts/buying/selling
Freighter: Ipad has a simple Overview, and he/she can “Point A, Point B, Point C” the ship from the IPad

Addable and removable buttons, customisable to the functions and features already present to omega pilots

The idea came from Incursion Fleet operations where an FC tags targets in order of which he’s like killed first… I wondered if a companion app on an IPad that just tagged targets would simplify/speed up that task… then I wondered if a whole lot of OTHER tasks could be simplified or sped up in the same way…

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