Extended Downtime Notification - 10/03/2020

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Reportedly patch notes are now available at

But I’m guaranteeing nothing.


red dots are bad

Are you all REALLY just a bunc of bi*** a** whiners, jesus. Allmost nothing to contribute, actuall suggestions or so on, just little girls crying! Im out ladies…

Ps: Thanks for the awesome game CCP

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I would like a video from The Scope which comments on some of the recent changes and events, especially with the changes surrounding market fees (what’s up SCC? concord?)

instead of red dots… you should make cloaky campers cloaking devices short out and recalibrate for 15 minutes due to inactivity for more than 2 hours make EVE great again

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There’s a cloaky camping thread to go cry in. No need for the tears here.

CCP: We have good news and bad news.

the bad, the moons have been adjusted.
The good news is they look pretty damn good.


  • Update to the textures and shaders associated with moons. Moons will have higher resolution textures and updated shaders.

Not much to contribute when we’re kept in the dark about coming changes.
Based on what’s in the notes that are on the launcher now, it looks like it was mostly just the update to jita bots, and nothing to do with the moons yet. I’m still waiting for alot more detail on the https://www.eveonline.com/article/q5jp49/moon-mineral-distribution note that they released. There are alot of implications to that release, and we haven’t gotten any other information on it yet.

If asking for more information on a relevant topic to me makes me a bitch ass whiner, then I guess i’m a whiny bitch.

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I want the :red_circle: to be bigger. I have memory issues and sometimes forget when I pick stuff up. :slight_smile: Don’t worry about turning them off, just make them bigger plz.

cloak require omega and great eve economy cant live without tons of players wrecks. so no, dont think they will ever nerf this invulnerable invisible afk lamps.

crash I am gonna leave it here like that

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So are you breaking the chat all the time?

where are the patch notes by the way? @CCP_Dopamine

Please add NPC gankers to hisec, so we can make sure a lot of people stop playing eve. That would be fun!

Add nullsec NPC supercap blobs, too.

Brilliant Idea.

Lets get rid of some of those mineral reserves.

we know ccp is going to ruin things and we want to know how to prepare for it. This is the game we’ve put a decade of work into and CCP changing things wtihout any hints or reason or rhythm is really annoying.

other games add surprise changes too, sure. But those changes are usually positive. A new map you can choose not to play, for example. But in eve, these changes are mysterious until the launcher is installing the patch. And the changes almost always ■■■■ us over in one way or another.