External Factors Diminishing Mining Yield

While mining in a Venture in nullsec, I hovered over my mining lasers, right-clicked, clicked “Show Info,” went to the “Attributes” tab, and hovered over the number for my “Mining Amount.” I was getting the following benefits:

  • Module: Mining Laser Upgrade II
  • Ship: Venture
  • Skill: Mining (Level 5)
  • Skill: Astrogeology (Level 5)
  • Implant: Inherent Implants ‘Highwall’ Mining MX-1003
  • Skill: Mining Frigate (Level 3)
  • Ship: Venture

It was diminished by “External Factors.” I find it odd that my ship is mentioned twice, but it is. What concerns me more is there’s no explanation I can find for what those “External Factors” are. I could find nothing in system that would explain it.

Any ideas?

Was there a metaliminal storm in system?

Coming Soon: Metaliminal Storms in Nullsec

I’m not sure how I’d be able to tell, but there hasn’t been a storm that I’m aware of.

IIRC their effects show up as little info bubbles above your cap/health interface while undocked.

Yeah, but it looks like metamimmalsllkisf storms only buff yield. Or am I mistaken?

To OP:
Hmm. Could you share a screenshot? Might help shed light on the issue.
No P2W

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