Extraction Failed


and that happen on several accounts…

How much sp do you have?

7kk and it seems to be random…

Less than 5.5 mil and you cant extract.

look at this buggy ■■■■■■■■ https://i.gyazo.com/e42b4bb82e41b0f3d0feeb73054440bf.png

Is two-factor authentication mandatory to enable extraction? Did you check that?

Else … people who got sanctioned for RMT related activities in the past are permanently excluded from skill extraction IIRC.

nice try with rmt^^
but i can not extract the skill Tyconn on this account, other i can extract, on other accounts there are other skills, that can not be extracted.

Then probably only a ticket will get you help (or trying again another day).

looks like you reached the limit… says 500k out of 500k.

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