Ezekiel Amann, for CSM 14 Wormhole Space

Hello good people. I am Ezekiel Amann, some of you may know me from the main Facebook Group as Travis Joshua Wells, a Moderator.

I am running for CSM 14 with special interest to Wormhole Space. I love this game with all my heart, and spend most of each day online talking to people about the game, and making memes for the @DankEveMemes page I run with a team of memers. I’ve played Eve Online since Valentine’s Day 2009. And currently reside with Sinner’s Trajectory C5 Corp.

My platform in a nutshell, is make Eve harder. Yes, harder. For far too long Safety Nets have crept in and kept making our player base weaker and weaker. From Asset Safety, to OP insurance on T1 hulls, to CCP turning a blind eye to Twitch bots that warn you there’s a wormhole 8 jumps away. Below is my specific suggestions for each area of the game. These will be added to as time goes on. Please do forgive the admins on the Praise Bob Discord, they seem threatened by my campaign and banned me from seeing and answering questions on there.

HighSec - Know as the second most dangerous area of the game. I want to have it become a hub for player based law enforcement, Bounty Hunters. I want Bounty Hunting to be a true and active lifestyle in it’s own right. I believe the necessary functions are already in the game to make a truly mesmerizing system that is both constant PvP and free of exploits. I want CCP to assign targets, to prospective Bounty Hunters at random much how like agents do with Level 4 Missions, awards like Project Discovery. As the Bounty Hunter grows in level they can access more Intel on their targets, quicker. Pay outs will be based on What you killed of the other player, where you killed them, how quickly you killed them. Each of these awarding up to a percentage of the pilots total bounty pool. It is possible to go over 100% and at that point the player will get Bounty Points (Loyalty Points) to spend on skins, new powers, ship upgrades, local lags so they don’t show up for a certain amount of time, also Intel which becomes more and more detailed as their influence gains. Wouldn’t you like to know your target is in J230657 and flying a Loki? Cool eh? Of course to make this balanced it would require Kill rights to be completely removed, and only players who have been wronged by another may place a bounty on said player.

LowSec- Fairly simple and straight forward, Super Drops incoming from NullSec must be stopped completely. This has almost driven pirates extinct. Pirates used to be one of the most common things in Eve if you remember. But now LowSec is just a ring around HighSec, kinda lame. This is because of Cyno Baiting. Supers, and supers only should be blocked from Hot Dropping into LowSec. Capitals are still fine in my opinion.

NullSec - Now here’s where I will anger people. NullSec is the safest and most risk free area of the game and it is a compound issue. Asset Safety needs to go away completely. OP Insurance on T1 hulls, needs to be greatly nerfed. CCP needs to quit beating Roquals to death with the nerf bat. I feel that if you train up a 30 mil SP toon to fly one, and can only make about 2 million per minute with such an expensive ship with expensive drones, it’s nonsense. You can make twice that with a four month old Character in a Rattlesnake running wormhole sites.

Wormhole Space: You’ll hear a lot of nonsense from the C5 elitists saying “Delete C4 Spess!” But I disagree. Each class of Wormholes has their uses, varying lifestyles, pros and cons. C4s have two statics. If you live in a C5 with a C4 Static you are almost guaranteed to have a delicious chain to scan and hunt in.

More will be added to my overall platform as this progresses, but now I want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on what I’ve said? Disagree? Please, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Agree? Thank you but I still want to speak with you. I can’t count how many times on Facebook someone has come forward and said “Eze I think you’re wrong about that…” And they completely change my mind and better my stance. So, I’m waiting, what do you got for me?

Elitists and edgelords should have no place on the CSM. Ezekiel is not fit to even stand as a candidate.

Make sure to post too about how he had a problem with me taking care of my terminally ill wife and holding down a job. That’ll be funny in the public eye. Or shall I post it?

Anyway, I stand by every word I said. And you should see my other memes about pissing off NullBears, makes these seem PCAF. Way too long has the training wheels carried those parasites to a risk free game. NullBros should be offended that they’re being forced to carry such bottom feeders. Theres plenty good players in Null and I call those NullBros, but ever since CCP making it nearly risk free to live in Null many low effort lazy parasites has moved in, and those, I disdainfully call “NullBears”.

And as a member of the Initiative you have the most to lose from my ideas being implemented. 6 months later you are still fapping to that one time you pressed F1 in a wormhole, not mentioning you took advantage of a nonsense mechanic to ignore HK’s doomsday.

I love how aggressive you get immediately with someone or something you don’t agree with. In my mind CSM members should be mature, open to listening to ideas, be capable of holding a conversation without reverting to “no you” lines of argument.

I appreciate that your area of expertise is Wormholes, and clearly that’s your area of interest. You claim to love the game and I assume want what’s best for everyone so could you outline some more details on what your stance is on null sec and how you would improve it to benefit everyone and not just your specific group. Details on ideas or direction would be nice instead of bias.

Could you explain the reasoning behind wanting to prevent the use of supers in low sec? Personally I don’t like it because its not in the spirit of sandbox but I would be interested to see what your thoughts are or how it would make low sec more lucrative to people.

What are your thoughts on the war dec system and the direction it seems to be going in. Would you be in favour of removing war decs completely and replacing them with some other form of content, perhaps the bounty hunting idea you mentioned which was quite interesting.


Can you explain why you haven’t had a single kill since 2018?

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I’m an aggressive person. I know I come off that way, sorry. But grandad always taught me to never back down, especially when I know I’m right. He also told me “Boy if you’ve got time to complain, then you’ve got time to fix it.” So this is me attempting to fix it. I only hope wormhole space unite behind a single candidate and get a seat. We desperately need it. I work a lot and only get to play in the wee hours of the morning here before downtime, so I can understand concerns over my Killboard and all my Eve breaks to care for my wife and real life needs. But hey, helps get all those long ass Level 5 Skills trained for use lol.

If people are concerned about my Killboard I would like to assert I’ll accept every challenge to a 1v1. Wormholers make a lot of money and don’t care about dying. Every fight you see there on my board win or lose is the fights I’ve found with Ezekiel. I’ve literally never ran from a single one. So just keep in mind I fight when I can find it, but factors include work, real life demands, and a slow timezone.

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In my corp the guy with the most kills is AUTZ. It isn’t any excuse to not have a single kill since 2018.

You give other factors for a lack of any recent kills; work and real life demands. If you have these external pressures can you explain why you think you have the time to commit to being on the CSM.

To be honest what comes across from your record so far is that you don’t have the time or inclination to actually play eve but you think you are still in some way suitable to sit on the CSM. This isn’t a compelling proposal to the people you want to vote for you.

I think the recent changes to the Wardec system have been good, but I also know that the HighSec Merc corps are having an extremely difficult time paying the bills with how much Asset Safety and the cost of wardecs has gimped their income. Yes I’m sympathetic to them, I know, screw me I get it lol. But the game needs to be more dangerous. And currently there’s almost zero incentive to go to war with other corps because you get zero loot for winning a fight. Initiative I believe pulled 3 trillion in loot from Rage and good for them, winners deserve a solid paycheck. I would like to see the nonsense mechanics they used to win be changed because it seriously jeopardizes why people would want to even buy a Keepstar if it’s going to just function like a Fort.

As far as Super drops in LowSec, I feel that’s the major factor smothering roams in Low is that, if you look at my Killboard for June 2016 you will see a Snuff Ragnarok dropped on a Harbinger Navy (me), while I don’t mind dying, it’s still a bit dumb to lose like that. Just Cyno up, Gjallerhorn, win. I say let dreads and Carriers still come I’m, but ultimately there’s no way for pirates to play their trade in Cruisers when they can get hit with a huge wheel of cheese like that.

This game isn’t hard enough, it needs to have fundamental changes brought forth that drown the galaxy and wormhole space in blood and guts and salty lolz.

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The amount of overtime I work is being greatly reduced now as we have purchased our new house, assigned a working budget. My wife is getting the medicine she needs to do much better, this medicine is called Ocrevus btw if you want to look that up.

I just bought a new $3000 computer from Digital Storm, and will be here in a few weeks. I’ll have more than enough time to be a CSM. And again, if you like I’ll fight you 1v1 or 2v2 with my alt Frozen Hamster any time I’m online. But I’ll be only working 40 hours a week at my job soon because all the furniture we want for the new house will be bought then.

I only ask that you listen to my words for now. If you want to see me in PvP, here’s me 1v6 getting my ass kicked. I decided to take the fight even at the overwhelming odds because I hadn’t had a good fight in months at the time. And I’m honestly surprised I did as well as I did.

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Your offer to fight me 1v1 or 2v2 is pretty meaningless really. The issue is that you don’t seem interested in going out and finding PVP yourself. In the last seven months or so, you haven’t managed to either kill someone else or be killed yourself. You have no evidence of any PVP activity in that time. For someone who lives in a wormhole this is extraordinary. I would expect even the most risk averse carebear to have been ganked at least once in that amount of time.

You clearly have some real life stuff you have been prioritising and that is entirely honourable. I don’t think anyone will criticise you for that, and we don’t need to know the details of your wife’s health.

Where many people will have an issue is that you seem to be pretty much AFK from the game and yet want to run for CSM. If you are not actively playing, then how can you understand what the issues in the game are?

That video you shared is from 2017. It really kind of highlights the issue people have.

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I feel like you’re not reading anything I’m saying to you bud. So I’m going to quit responding. I play about 10-15 hours a week in most cases.

If the frequency of my Killboard is all that matters to you and not my ideas or endless work helping to run the main Eve Group on Facebook, as well as the hundreds of memes I have made and published to get people laughing and thinking, then this conversation is kind of pointless.

So if you want to keep repeating yourself over things I’ve already addressed, go ahead, that’s your prerogative but I’m going to spend my time talking to players about the issues and my ideas instead of endlessly wasting my time answering this inane line of logic you seem to be obsessed with.

I’m an adult that has goals and a family, I do not live in grandma’s basement, so therefore don’t get to play 16 hours a day. So if you have a problem with that then I am not the candidate for you. Besides I have a way more active killboard than many other candidates in history, like the Null Lord’s that never log on or undock.

I have read what you have said. You seem to think that Facebook and memes make you a suitable candidate for the CSM. They don’t.

You haven’t demonstrated that you actually play EVE. That doesn’t mean you need to be the number 1 PVPer in the game. You just need to demonstrate to the people you want to vote for you that you actually play the game.

You haven’t demonstrated anything that you do in the game. You say you have ideas, but if you don’t play the game then where are your ideas coming from? What experience of playing EVE do you have? Why should anyone listen to you?

Look at every other CSM candidate. They all make their cases for why people should vote for them. They all talk about their experience in game and why they think that makes them worthy of a vote. I’ve voted for Steve Ronuken at every CSM vote. Not because of any PVP he does but because of his experience of the game.

If you don’t PVP then fine. Give people another reason to vote for you based on something else you do in game.

You say you have ideas, but if you are not playing the game then who cares.

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Look up the definition of a “Gish Gallop” that’s your debate tactic and it’s truly ineffectual.

As for you, Jaiden, you don’t seem like the sort of person I want voting for me, so please don’t. Vote for someone else. That way, if I win, you can’t take credit, and if I lose, you’ll get exactly what you deserve in a politician.

I don’t think you will get many votes with that sort of attitude.

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That’s fine. But I must return a counter point to you and ask you why is it that the last time a Wormholer was seated was NoobMan? I like Noob, I think he’s a great influential mind in Eve history, but he’s gone now.

I’ve been attacked nonstop by other wormholers for wanting to network and socialize for the goal of getting a wormhole resident a seat at the table. They seem intent with just tearing into each other with Gish Gallop and bad suggestions like giving Freighters a PANIC module. I mean really? As if HighSec isn’t safe enough already.

We’re going to have to agree to work together and get behind a single Wormholer to overcome the insane member count of NullSec empires. And I just don’t think Wormholers vs Wormholers in a spergy Gish Gallop is a way to go about that. I’ll admit I definitely have a stronger social game within Eve than I do a frequently updated Killboard, you have me there. But there’s not a single candidate for Wormholes who is more accessible, and willing to talk to literally anyone about Eve at any length they choose. This game is a cornerstone of my personality in real life, simply because 96% or so of my friends are Eve players as well. I have an obscenely small circle outside of Eve, almost non-existent really.

And I’m okay with losing the election if that’s how it plays out. But you can be certain I’ll apply pressure to every other candidate by my social game alone and make them act and do better.

You want wormholers to get behind a single wormhole candidate?

You can’t even get your own corp to unite behind a single candidate



What’s wrong with two of us running? You’re just making stuff up now. You clearly weren’t captain of your debate club.

Attack me on the issues or quit wasting my time bud.

And nothing about :hamster: hamsters. I thought you would be protecting them in wormhole space lol

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