Facebooks Blocking Algorithm - Is it Skynet?

On Friday, I was blocked from Facebook for 48 hours for making a comment about a precarious balloon. The comment involved deflating the balloon, but used syntax that FB’s algorithm deemed, violent and harmful.

If the same algorithm was used in a search and destroy bot, where the bot converted words it heard into syntax that the bot deemed, violent and harmful and then extirpated the person who made the violent or harmful comment, how difficult would the transition from FB algorithm to hearing algorithm actually be?

Could it be possible for security bots, in the future, to roam Earth looking for humans to extirpate based on the FB blocking mechanism algorithm?

FB is part of the NWO as is China, you spoke badly about the overlords and they banned you.

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Hello forum!
@DrysonBennington Well, all you need is the ‘I’ to FaceBook to make it FBI.

Haha! I hope that taught you a little lesson in Free Speech = Not For You.

And you believe that?

Don’t worry about FB(I), they have their stuff under control… key word here: Control.

They have much better algorithm than we known.

Fifie, spies like us.

Uh, what drugs are you on?

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Lets look at this logically.

They are software programs that are able to record your voice patterns to identify your voice when trying to access very secure areas.

The same voice pattern recognition software can be used to identify human vocal patterns apart from artificial voice patterns, voice patterns created by AI for example.

The voice pattern is first analyzed on being human or not, then the words spoken are analyzed for violent words, such as kill, burn, ect. The security bot then has a second program that identifies the direction the voice pattern came from and moves to eliminate the human.

The voice pattern is recorded and analyzed for future incidents if the human is eliminated the first time around.

A series of Sec Bots would be connected together, a 100 block radius, where each Sec Bot constantly searches for human voice patterns that spoke violently and have tried to avoid the ban/blocking attempt of the FB based algorithm.

Coupled with audio analyzation and sound to Sec Bot distance measuring software, the Sec Bot could identify human voice patterns, as far away as the Sec Bot could hear. Once confirmed the human voice pattern is a recognized voice pattern or new voice pattern using violent words based on Face Books algorythm that scans context for associations of words relating to violence of perceived violence, the humans location would be located using an array of GPS and directional guidance software.

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