Faction awoxing/standings out of logic

Hi guys, not sure if this is right category for this discussion, but I found it as closest to my topic.
In FW there is a place to shoot guys from same militia because of different reasons. One of that - seagulling. Guys create new characters (1 day characters), enlist to FW and bring them to already full Plex.
If you will not kill that guys - your payout will be devided to count of guys inside. So if you in ADV-1 plex and someone created 10 new characters to seagull you - you will get 1/11 of all payout regardless how much you did in the plex. So you can spend 14 minutes 59 sec inside and get 3.6k instead of get 40k because someone bring 10 t1 frigates with 1 module (like mvd) fitted.
So only way to you get full payout - kill them by your self or neutral/another faction character. If you kill them by yourself - you will get standing punch. If they 1 day characters they will be in npc faction corporation and punch because of killing them will be same as you killed TITAN or something like that. Punch depends only on your standing and not depends which ship you killed.
As for me this mechanic is totally broken and push guys to create a lot of new characters to steal payout from other guys from militia.
And icing on the cake - you get no standings if you kill enemy militia at all…

p.s. For me this looks like a broken mechanic or bug.


here killmale screenshot -


Agree, if CCP don’t change this mechanic in the upcoming HAVOC patch, I swear to god I’m going to create 30 characters and seagull the heck out of both insurgencies. More people will start crying on forums and maybe CCP will do something with this trash mechanic.


Your mistake was assuming that FW is a feature in which you compete in PvP with your enemies, instead of sharing PvE with your friends.

FW is strictly a PvE feature.


I think, in original idea it was for PvP, cause PvE is so easy there.

But…isn’t that where you find safe plexing Real PvPers like @DrysonBennington ?

Working as intended.

Besides, why are you so greedy?

Is someone else is bringing in 10+ alts into your plex, even at the last minute, it’s obvious they put in more effort then you. So the payout calculates as intended.

If you want more isk, then bring in 11 alts.

Next will be complaining that needs a scout alt to avoid getting gatecamp gangbanged

Only one scout alt?

Pfffft. What a pleb.

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